Saturday, July 26, 2008

Peach Preserves and Grandchildren

Princess#2 spent the night Thursday night. I was planning to go get peaches and make preserves Friday. I knew it would be difficult to entertain her and stand over a hot stove at the same time. She is a good little helper, but sometimes good little helpers can slow down any process.

I call my DIL and asked if Superhero would rather stay with us or go to school. I'm thinking they could entertain each other and let me get my work done. And what a genius I am. They played so well together. I was very impressed.

We went to the orchard and got peaches. Here is a picture of the peaches when we got home with them.

When we got back, we stopped by the store and got them something for lunch. They both ate and sat in the floor watching videos and playing with some things Princess#2 had broght.

I got in the kitchen and started on the peaches. I found that the peaches on top were perfectly ripe, but as I went doen into the box, I found hard unripe peaches. Fortunately, I had enough to make a double batch of preserves, and got them started.

Here they are cooking. I put some butter in and the foam magically went away. Here they are after being put in the jars and the water bath.
I told you earlier that the kids had been really good. I could hear them talking and playing in the living room while I was cooking. Occassionally, they would come in the kitchen to see if I needed any help, and then go on back to what they were doing.

At one point they got sorta quiet and I thought I'd better see what they were up to. In fact they were just watching tv, talking quietly to each other. I loved where they were sitting and they let me take a couple of shots. Seemed like a pretty good place to sit and watch tv. I was very proud of them for being so good.
And by 4 in the afternoon, Superhero's other memaw had picked him up, and Princess#2 had been retrieved by her mother. I picked up, straightened up, and sat down to rest. Princess#3 came to spend the night. Her mom got her this morning. So I am alone and happy.

What's making you happy this morning?

Have a great Saturday. Love one another?


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Wow, I'm impressed with those kids, and look at those peach preserves, they are beautiful. I hope you are enjoying some this morning before you go to church.
Glad you finally got your preserve and your grandkids are such good little angels. Lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

peach preserves are making me happy. i would never dare to whip up anything like that--i'd probably serve us up a jar of botulism (spelling?!). :) cute kiddos, too!

thanks for stopping by my blog--i hope you win the griddle and breakfast goodies!

Lisa J said...

The peaches look really really good! and how sweet of the kids to let you work while they play.

Tipper said...

Your preserves look delicious!! Wish I had some! Glad you finally got them made.

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