Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Man In My Life

Aren't you excited for me? My friends were last night when I announced to them at dinner that I had a new man. Even though they were all smiles and excited, I knew down deep they were wondering if I needed to be institutionalized.

I met the girls after work to celebrate the birthday of one of them. We sat down, and I handed my friend her gift. But before she opened it, I told them I had some news. Good news or bad news was the question. I assured them it was good. I told them I had a new man in my life. Ohhhhh! was the reaction. I told them I wanted to introduce them to him and he would be joining us for dinner. OK, they said. Why I didn't have my camera to get the expressions on their faces, I just don't know.

Now if you know much about me, and I don't usually delve into my very most personal life here, you would know that I have been married twice, and believe me when I say once was more than enough(No 'Black Heels to Tractor Wheels' here). At this point, I have four very important men in my life--my son, and three grandsons.

So knowing me as these gals do, they obviously thought I had lost my mind. When I felt they had been sufficiently surprised, I reached into my bag and brought out this lovely gentleman.

Here he is hiding behind the orchid in the Living Room. He's a bit shy.

Here he is in my bed.

Isn't he just the cutest ever? Once I set him in the middle of the table, and they realized this was a joke, they all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Yes, they still had their doubts about my sanity. The very idea of a 59 year old woman running around with a gnome in her bag!!

They also expressed that I had almost given them a heart attack. Can't you see paramedics responding to a collective heart attack--with a gnome sitting on the table? And, as usual, we all had a good laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

We ordered our food, ate until we were miserable, visited for a while and came home. We always have such fun when we're together.

But the problem with my gnome, aside from the fact he's carrying a mushroom(think he's a hold over from the 60's?) He doesn't have a name. If you have a snappy idea for one, just leave me a comment and let me know what you think I should call him. If I choose the name you suggest, there might just be a little(and I said little) something for you.

Have you played a joke on anyone lately? Did you almost kill anyone in the process? Tell me your funny stories.

Have a wonderful Wednesdy. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Sage said...

Gnomes are big in Norwegian folk lore, so I think a name like Thor (the Norwegian god of thunder) or Swen or Ole would be appropriate. Sounds like you had a fun evening.

#1daughter said...

the pictures didn't show up for me. I think you should call him Jerome the Gnome. And I'm not calling him daddy!

Amy said...

How about Norman the Gnome?

GREAT story!!!

Tipper said...

How funny! I don't have a name-but I love gnomes! I have one I'm just crazy about in one of my flower beds. Glad you and your friends had a good time!

Lisa J said...

Oh, Amy took mine sort of. I was thinking Norm. I love Gnomes as well.I have two that were made for me by my cousins over 40 years ago and I still have them. They are so cute. Up till we moved to the house they have always been out on display. I have such limited room here so they are still sleeping in a box for now. Can't think of any jokes I have played lately, but after staying up till 3:00 this morning I am not thinking too clearly at all.

linda said...

You really gave me a belly laugh when I scrolled along and then saw the gnome!!

As for a name, how about Rome the Gnome(because they roam around and get into things(ahem :) and rom-ance!

Well, that's it for my thinking today!

Beckynsc said...

How about Romeo?

I like to greet the people at a drive-thru like I know them. I know I leave them wondering where they know me from.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I don't know, looks like a Fred to me. GO check out my blog, I left you something there.

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