Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

It's about noon on Monday. I always hate coming back to work on Monday, but you do what you have to do. I had a lazy weekend. Other than going to church yesterday morning, I didn't leave the cacoon I call my house. As much as I love people, I think I could stay in my house forever. That is if someone would bring me food occasionally.

I've been watching the Cardinals play ball this summer. It's either that or reruns of EVERYTHING that's fit to watch or reality shows. You know, reality bites, and I hate those shows. And you can only watch so much of funniest videos. So, I've gotten into watching ballgames. When I was expecting my youngest daughter(she's now 28), we had just gotten cable and TBS. And the Braves always played afternoon games. I rocked her and watched the Braves.

But now it's time for the Allstar break, so I'm not sure how many days I'll be without baseball. Maybe I need to rethink those reality shows. Or Matlock, those reruns are old enough that I've forgotten them from the first time around. I've also re-watched all the Beverly Hillbillies.

I'm just ready for the new season to start, we got so few new shows last season with the strike and all. But, I'm ready to see what Denny Crane of Crane, Poole and Schmitd has in store for us. And what's going to happen on Brother's and Sisters. I'm a little tired of McDreamy and Meridith. She seriously needs help!!! And it will be interesting to see how many Crime Scene shows we'll have. I've quit watching them, they are a bit too gory for me. I don't really need to follow a bullet into a body to see what the damage it does.

And special victims units. I like my sheltered world and don't want to know what sick people are doing. I found the guy that used to play Dan Fielding on Night Court. I think the name of the new shows are called McBride. He is a lawyer, and they are pretty good. Maybe they'll bring him to primetime.

I've complained enough. Maybe I should just turn off the tv and clean, or sew, or read, or study my Bible. But I'm a tvaholic. I turn it on before I kick off my shoes in the afternoon. I set the sleep timer so it won't stay on all night. I turn it on before I get up in the morning. See, I'm totally addicted. Is ther a 12 step program for that. Wonder what channel it's on?

What nonsense are you addicted to? Maybe my addiction won't seem so bad if I know what yours is.

Have a great Monday. Do something silly. Make Someone laugh.


Amy said...

I'm a TV-Aholic, just like you! I turn it on before I crawl out of bed in the morning, I turn it on when I get home in the evenings and it doesn't go off until I am fast asleep. Most of the time I don't even realize what is on.. it's just noise!

I've resorted to watching old re-runs of Home Improvement. So many of them I didn't see when they were on in Primetime? I guess I was too busy having babies then? Oh well...I've got plenty of time to catch up on Tim the Tool Man! lol

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I hear you Shirley, you crack me up. I thought I'd never watch another episode of Seinfeld for the rest of my life and now every night I'm watching those stupid things over like I've never seen them and like they meant anything the first go round anyway!

Tara Smith said...

Mooommmm, I'm 29.

Sage said...

Well, Shirley, I think I am addicted to blogs! It's really been strange, but since my mom's illness, it seems my "real life friends" have backed off a bit, whereas my "online friends" have become closer. The former group is around during set hours, and I'm not always available then. The later group is available at any time I am, know what I mean?

And I also have to admit that I am addicted to good coffee. We have a wonderful coffee shop here in town, Dunn Bros, and I would love it if I could get a 24 ounce Americano from them every morning, first thing, to start out my day.

So, Hi Shirley, my name is Marge, and I'm a blog and coffee addict. Is there any help?


Lisa J said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I have to have my reality shows. I am watching America's Greatest Dog or whatever it is called. I do not watch Big Brother believe it or not, but I do love The Mole. And like Marge, Blogs are my new addiction, so scoot over Marge and make room for my fat butt.

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