Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

With summer bearing down on us(and it's hotter than the hubs), many of us are wearing sandals or going barefoot in an attempt to stay cool. I have a little problem with swelling ankles and feet sometimes when it's hot, and even sometimes when it's not. But I got to thinking about the number of pairs of shoes I have in my closet. Some I can't wear when my feet are swollen, some I will never wear again because, well, I don't know because, I just won't ever wear them.

I have shoes that have gone out of 'style', but I hang onto them. They may come back in style, or I might get an outfit they would be perfect with, but probably not. There are those I bought on a whim, that I didn't like when I got them home, and there are those I've been wearing for over 5 years.

Yes, I have a pair of sandals that I have had for over five years and I'm still wearing them. That is when I can get them on my feet.

Have you counted your shoes lately? How many pairs do you own? Total. Winter and Summer shoes(no contest here, just wondering)? How many pairs of sandals do you have? How many of 'tie' shoes? Do you wear patton leather? How about white? How many pair of walking shoes do you have?

Unless you've recently cleaned out your closet and been really hard on yourself, I'd bet you have in excess of 50 pairs. I have one of those big totes that sits in the bottom of my closet, and it overflows. I haven't actually counted the pairs, but I'd say if not, I've got close to 50. Many are more than 5 years old. I have at least four pair of heels that I haven't worn in 5 years. I don't even wear heels anymore. The flatter, the better. Sandals, well, we're talking close to 10 pairs of those.

I wish I had the money I've paid for many of the shoes in the bottom of my closet. But there are a few things that are not in there. There are no white ones. I don't put white shoes on my feet. I think they make my already big feet look huge. I also don't own any patton leather. I don't think I paid over $30 a pair for more than two or three of them. I have one pair that I bought about 15 years ago that I paid $70 for. I remember that specifically because I wore them to my college graduation, and I also remember that I didn't have $70 to spend on a single pair of shoes.

So, do you have a shoe fettish, or you just an unknowing collector? Do you buy new shoes often, or just when you absolutely have to. Are you familiar with the name 'Manolo Blahnik'? Have you ever paid over $200 for a single pair of shoes for yourself? Tell me about it. You know it's troubling you and you need to get your shoe stories off your chest. No one here will judge you, laugh maybe, but not judge.

I certainly hope you are able to stay cool today, and if you live in South Texas, it's time to start getting ready for Hurricane Dolly. I have an extra bed, if you need to evacuate.

Have a great Tuesday. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

I DO NOT have a shoe fettish. I might have about 10 pair of shoes and I just wear the same ones over and over. Now that I am retired I do have a few "slip on" shoes. Sandles or something like that. I do not wear anything between my toes, I can't stand that. So I have one pair of Crocs, two sandles, a couple dark dress shoes, a couple tennis shoes and one pair of boots for the barn. Oh do we have to count house shoes...then I have about three more pairs. I do love my house shoes! I usually get them from wal-mart for about 2 - 5 dollars. For the longest time my male dog would take my left shoes (left only) and take it outside or chew on it, not chew it up, just chew on it. So I never buy expensive shoes for fear I will leave them down and then poof, gone! Have a great day and yes...try and stay cool. For me, I am staying in the house with the new puppy!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

No shoe fettish here!

I'm sure I have one.. let me think about it!

Tipper said...

I don't think I paid $200 for all my shoes put together! I do like shoes but get them on clearance and I have found some treasures at yard sales.

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