Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Times I Think I'm Losing 'It'

'It' being my mind. Saturday when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I put a platter and dish towel my DIL brought over the 4th of July in the recliner in the living room. Strange place, you say, but if I didn't put it somewhere that I'd remember it when they came over, it would stay at my house for for for ever.

So, there it was when I left for church. In the afternoon, I was getting ready to vacumm the spare bedroom and there was a diaper bag that had been left at the house at some point. So I'm thinking to myself that I'd put it in the living room with the platter and dishcloth.

When I walked in the lr to put it with the other things, the chair was empty. I had the funniest feeling, because I knew those things had been there when I left for church. I looked around for a few minutes and decided I was losing 'it'. Later in the day when the Contractor came by to cut my grass, I asked him if he'd been there earlier. He said he had come by and gotten the bbq grill. I asked if he came in and got the platter and he assured me he hadn't.

So yesterday morning when I got to work, I instant message'd my DIL and asked her. She had come over to get some clothes she had left and picked it up on her way out. WHEW! that was a close one.

I often think I'm losing 'it', but then you have some really close calls and you really get worried.

Have you lost anything lately? Did it make you think you were 'losing it'? Tell me so I'll feel better about myself. After all, a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

Have a great Tuesday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Sage said...

Well, I didn't actually lose something, but I was accused of losing it and that made me wonder if I really had! My sister claimed she had given me a quilt to mend for her and asked if it was done. I didn't have her quilt! I knew I didn't, but she kept saying I had it and that I promised to fix it. I was beginning to think I had it and had put it someplace and now it was lost! I stewed and fretted and wondered where on earth I had put it!

Yesterday my sister calmly said, "oh I found that quilt." Nothing more, just that she had found it! My thought? Thank goodness I'm not losing it!

Senior moments make growing older quite interesting, don't they! And you're right.....a mind is a terrible thing to lose!

Have a blessed day, Shirley!


Lisa J said...

Now see, I think there is a conspiracy going to MAKE you think you are losing your mind. You see, I think they are going to keep this up for a while, then have you committed and take over your millions of dollars you have hidden away in a foreign bank account. You know, the one where the lady emails you and says her dead husband had put the money over into a foreign account and if you will just help her get it she will share it with you.....You did do that didn't you?? You DID help her didn't you??? You do still have those millions in hiding don't you????? I'm telling you, the kids are out to get you....I know this for I read your girls on your blog all the time and I KNOW how they are....be careful they may even have people watching you. You never know.

You aren't losing it, you have too much on your mind, and it is called brain overload. So unload and you will be fine!

#1daughter said...

Yes we have people watching you. When you think you're alone, you're not. So don't be picking your nose or scratching your butt, cause we'll know about it.

By the way, I missed my turn off for work this morning. The same turn off I've taken every Monday - Friday for the past 4 years.

Blessed said...


You won my giveaway - can you email me your address? My email is over on my blog.

Oh, and I am losing my mind - I think it has something to do with not enough sleep... :)

#1daughter said...

I want the quick chef!!!!!

Beckynsc said...

I stay on the go so much that I can't keep track of anything. I'm constantly "losing" stuff.

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