Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last night one of the blurbs to get you to watch the news was a bunch of people reeling in a large shark. As it hung by the tail fin, the comment was 'You caught it, who's going to remove the hook?'.

It was funny, and of course you wanted to know who caught it and what they were going to do with it. I think I would have been more interested in who was inside it, or who was going to clean it(not that I'd eat it).

Well, somehow, I missed the story on the news later, but I got to thinking about catching a shark and removing the hook. There's actually a pretty good analogy in this story. How many 'sharks' have I caught in my life? And who got the chore of removing the hook.

I used to get myself into situations that I didn't know how to get out of. Nothing illegal, mind you, but things I offered to do that later I realized I shouldn't or things I said that I shouldn't have. When I was married to the kid's dad, and I would tell him what I had done, he'd just say, tell them I don't want you to do this or that, which meant he would take care of the hook.

Sometimes, I'd get my checkbook in a mess, and be overdrawn, and my grandmother-in-law would remove that hook by giving me enough money to take care of it without a lecture, I might add.

Well, both of them are gone. Actually, I divorced the husband, and now both he and the GIL are no longer alive. Fortunately, by the time the divorce came about, I had learned to either not hook that shark in the first place, or to remove my own hook.

As I've gotten older, I try to be much more careful about catching sharks. I make sure that when I offer to do something, it is something I really want to do, can do and remember not to let my mouth overload my backside so to speak. I don't have anyone to bail me out when it comes to my checkbook either, so if I only have 40 bucks in that checking account, I best not write a check for 50.

We all catch sharks from time to time. And when we do someone has to remove the hooks. Have you caught any sharks lately? You don't have to tell me about them specifically, unless you want to that is, but who removes your hooks? That is of extreme importance. I must know.

Have a cool Tuesday. Love one another.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I've definitely caught my share of sharks, some I set out to catch and needed help to get the hook out and some I managed to unhook myself. Right now sharks are surrounding me and I'm trying to make sure I don't hook them, but those dang things keep circling me, but if I do happen to hook one, I'm glad I got a whole team of folks to help me. Pesky rascals! I'm hoping they move quickly out to sea soon!
Have a good day Shirley, hope the heat is breaking a bit for you.

Anonymous said...

Good post. We all need help unhooking those sharks from time to time, but then we're more prepared for the next one.

Lisa J said...

That is a very good posting. I think it is my official job to be the hook remover. I don't fish much I guess. As a police officer you can imagen that I was taking a lot of hooks out....all the time. I think it is ingrained into my personality. But I have gotten in over my head before. My first marriage would be one of those. I got caught up in it (the excitement of having someone in my life, so when he suggested marriage I said oh yes without thinking it through.) That was a real shark, but I fought that fish for nearly 15 years then the hook came out and I went on fishing for another. I landed a pretty good shark this time. He brought a daughter to the marriage that hated my guts. Her mother was dead and no one should be in her and her dad's life. Shark and baby shark. But I think the barbs on the hooks are dulling, the sharks aren't fighting, and maybe, just maybe the hook will slip out and all will be just fine. I am the eternal optimist! Life is good.

Beckynsc said...

Well, we have a community of shark catchers around here. But the good thing is that we are always watching eachothers backs and ready to remove hooks at a moments notice.

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