Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot Mondays

I'm working from home, and have been very busy. I think I work harder at home than in my office.

I got up early and finished the peaches. I know you are sick of hearing about the peaches, and they are done, so I'll shut up about them. Although, I plan to get up early in the morning and make homemade biscuits and take them and a jar of the preserves to work to share with my co-workers.

It's hot outside, and I worry about my son, the Contractor, who is working outside right now. I talked to him for just a moment this morning and told him to be sure to drink plenty of water and rest often. He assured me he would, but I think most of the time, he tells me just what he thinks I want to hear.

I'm thankful I'm inside where it's cooler. We're supposed to go over 100 today and possibly the next few days. I'm ready for summer to be over and cooler weather move in. A nice general rain would be very welcome also.

I went to church yesterday. Our message had to do with the fact that you can never do enough to earn your salvation. That when you die, you won't have done enough, but that doesn't matter. It's by God's grace we are saved through our faith. What a comforting thing that is to me. I know I don't do nearly as much as I should. Just lazy I guess. I don't do enough good works, I don't pray enough. I don't read and study my Bible enough. But I have the Hope of Heaven just the same.

I have started a new diet. That's a famous line of mine. If you read my blog long enough, you will see it often. This is an old diet called the Rice Diet, and that's about all you eat for a while. That and fruit. This is supposed to go on for two weeks and then you begin to add some vegetables. I decided I could probably stick to it better if I added something besides fruit, so for some of my meals(if you could call them that) I add some rotel to my rice. I like it much better that way. And sometimes I add cummin and paprika, so it tastes like what you get in a Mexican restaurant. I think tonight I'm going to add some soy sauce to see if I'm reminded of Chinese.

It's supposed to be good for your heart, hypertension and lots of other stuff. I guess we'll see. But just in case it kills me, I'm getting out my best pj's and keeping a pot of coffee going so that when the police come, I'll be ready. Thank you Lisa J for those good suggestions. I'll keep a note lying around too just in case so they'll know there was no foul play involved. I'll let you know if I stick it out and lose any weight.

How hot is it where you are today? I certainly hope it's cooler than here.

Have a great Monday. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

First, my fellow officers of law will appreciate the coffee and of course the note will make things easier for them to figure out. Please don't forget to maybe leave them a plate of biscuits and that peach preserve. Often times they don't get to eat on duty so that would be a nice treat while they are waiting for the M.E. to show up. (medical examiner!)

Hot? Well we are 98 right now. Was suppose to hit 100 but I am guess it won't since it is already 4:40. I have a new sidebar on my computer that I love. It has the weather and clock, plus a calendar and even a little slide show. So I know at a glance just how hot it is outside where I am not and not planning on going.... Been at the computer all day playing and just doing stuff. Tomorrow I must go get my police report about my accident and start filing the report with the insurance. As an officer I never had to deal with this end of it. I thought insurance took care of everything. They don't!!! Oh yes, my new thing to as a retiree.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hot, Hot, Hot in Georgia, and I'm ready for Fall too.

Lisa J said...

Ok, just hit 100 at 5:03. Good grief. Thought you might want to know!!!!

Sage said...

Oh you guys! I couldn't stand those temperatures! Up here in Minnesota we've had 90' day the bank thermometer said 98, but usually it's not quite that hot, but I can't stand it! The humidity is awful, I sweat just walking to the car, and my hair starts to curl up on the ends. Yuk! Give me a nice comfortable 62-68 and I'm happy.

But I think I'll have to go find some peaches and make some preserves, Shirley. Your continual mentioning of them is driving me crazy. I think peaches are my favorite fruit, and I could use some homemade preserves about now.

Have a cool evening.....we're expecting storms that might just lower this humidity.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

wish I was gonna be there for breakfast with you!!!! YUMMMMMMm

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