Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Monday Morning Again

It's Monday morning again and will soon be time to get up. I'll be working 4 ten hour days this week in an attempt to conserve gas. It takes me about 25 minutes to get to work, which means over a tank of gas a week, just to get to work and back. I've pretty much ruled out making any unnecessary trips anywhere. I go to church on Sunday morning, but that's not an unnecessary trip. I don't attend on Sunday night because of the gas, and I'm in town on Wednesday already so I go ahead and go then.

I made a blanket Saturday for a baby shower Sunday. We have a new baby at church that was born at 3'2 ounces and way less than full term. He's in the NIC unit in Little Rock and will be for a couple of more weeks. But he is pretty much out of the woods and is gaining weight every day. The baby shower was already scheduled, since he wasn't supposed to be here for a few more weeks, so they went ahead and had it. Here's a pic of the blanket. I made it out of two pieces of cotton, so it wouldn't be as hot as flannel, and appliqued the train on it with his name. Then I put piping around the edge and sewed it together. I thought it turned out pretty well.
Except for some red eyes, I got some pretty cute pictures of the grandkids. For some reason, most of those I took had at least one child with it's tongue sticking out. The girls spent the night Friday night, and we called Saturday morning and asked if Superhero could come over. He did and the kids had a great time playing. Now that's not to say they didn't make a mess, which they pretty much cleaned up, but they were really good.

It's hard to get Princess#2 to smile, but she was haming it up for the camera this time. And as always, Princess#1 was posing. She's pretty good at jumping into the 'pose mode' anytime you want her too.

They played and watched movies while I worked on the blanket, and even though in this picture, they are behind my couch, they were being good,which is something when they are all three together.

I like the way Suprehero's head seems to be floating in this picture. I could tell you I planned it that way, but you know me better than that. It just happened.

Then it was Superhero's turn to go into 'pose mode'. He likes getting his picture made as well as Princess #1.
I'll leave you with this beautiful smile. He can melt my heart with this one. When it's just the two of us, he climbs into my lap and want to 'just talk'. He likes to tell you stories, and he loves for you to tell him stories. It helps me remember his dad as a little boy, because that's what he wants to hear.

Has anyone asked for a story from your past lately? It could be about you as a child or one of your children, or maybe even of your parents. I've read so many stories that are posted on the blogs that I just love. It seems to be a place for us all to open up in one way or another. I know Marge has heard plenty of stories about her precious mother this weekend as she laid her to rest. Our prayers are with her at this time.

Have a great Monday. Love to all.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I was working out a deal like that with one of my employees before I had to go on leave. She lives the furtherest and it was killing her with the gas so she was going to work less days and more hours.
The blanket is beautiful, they will be so proud of that, I am glad he is going to be ok.
And as usual those pictures of your grandkids are beautiful. They are so pretty and made me smile.
Have a good Monday! I'm thinking of Marge too, sounds like they had a beautiful service.

Lisa J said...

You are so talented, that blanket will be a keepsake for YEARS to come. As that little boy grows up and becomes a man of his own, I bet his mother will keep that to pass on to his children.

I think that is so wonderful that you have three grandkids close in age and close in distance to enjoy like that. Cousins growing up together always make memories, I still have my memories with my cousins!

My heart goes out to Marge as well. No matter how strong your faith, it is always such a hard thing to lose a loved one. I have been so blessed by my blog friends being in my life, I hope she feels the love from all of us!

Have a wonderful day, be careful and I hope you "like" the new 10 hour day. I think they are awfully hard, but it should help you out on the gas!

Sage said...

Yes, Shirley, we did hear the stories this weekend! What fun it was to hear the different memories that so many held of my mom. The common thread that ran through them was that my mom was a beautiful, classy lady, the most awesome example of what a pastor's wife should be.

And what comfort I have received from my friends in the blogosphere. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. And Robbin and Lisa, too. All three of you have been such a support to me. Just knowing that you all were thinking of me helped me so much.

Love to you all,

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

Thanks for sharing those pictures, now if we could just figure out how to pass food around on the internet - I would be happy to help you eat those great cookies!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

What a gorgeous keepsake! The fuel prices are killing all of us. I am going to fewer horse shows because of it.

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