Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween Bowling Try this little game if you have time and your boss doesn't catch you.

Hope your day if filled with spooks, goblins and ghosts. Hope you have plenty of candy to give to your little trick-or-treaters. Hope you don't get any tricks played on you.

This is one of my little spooks. She doesn't much like having anything on her head, but her mama said she left it on this morning. I'd love to go by the daycare and see them all. I know they are cute.

I'm still trying to get over a sinus infection, so I think I'm going to go home, have some chicken soup, turn out all the lights and go to bed. I do believe I am some better, it's just that with me they tend to hang on for months instead of days. My last one started last November and stayed with me until June.

Have a good day, remember it's Friday. Pray for our country and the outcome of this election, and love one another.


Lisa J said...

Oh how sweet. I hope you will post pictures of all your little ones and their costumes. Would love to see them.

tipper said...

A real cutie pie!! Hope you feel better soon. Been years since I had a sinus infection-but I remember they make you feel miserable all over and everything taste blah.

Tammy said...

Such a cute costume. lol Feel better.

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