Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Cotton Has Been Picked

These are just three random pictures of the cotton being picked across the street from me. I had been having a pretty busy Saturday morning, and had sat down to rest. I drifted off only to be awakened by this loud roaring noise(yes these things are noisey). I knew
immediately what the noise was. I jumped up, grabbed by camera and headed outside. I got these three pictures, and went back inside. He seemed to have a bit of a problem navigating around the tree that belongs to the house on the right which you cannot see. But he made it around quite nicely. The next step in the process is to cut the stalks. This has to be done by sometime in February. Many farmers go ahead and cut them as they pick, and go over the field with the bedding equipment and then it's almost ready next spring. They don't spend as much time turning the dirt over as they used to, what with gas prices what they are.
Speaking of which, I heard on the radio that gas was 2.95 at the stations in Caruthersville, MO this morning. Here in NE Arkansas, it's still about 3.29.
Did anyone see the debate last night. Wasn't that a joke. I don't think one of the specially selected questions got a decent answer from either candidate. Who won? That's always a big question. I don't think anyone was a clear winner, but of course the Dems think Obama did and the Reps think McCain did. Thank goodness we only have about another month of this, and when it's all over the loser will vow his undying commitment to the new administration. Let's be clear here, I hold a grudge longer than that. If I were the loser, I would simply say You win, and go off somewhere and cry.
Too bad we couldn't have been with all those AIG folks who went off to the 400,000. spa after taking a chunk of tax payer money to keep them afloat.
I've rambled enough this morning. Hope you have a great Wednesday. Attend Bible Study tonight, Love one another and please pray God Bless America! I think we need all the help we can get.


Lisa J said...

Yes, I have a little bit of a hard time seeing these people go off to be treated so poshly at my (and yours) expense. Just doesn't set real well with me!!! Thanks for grabbing that camera, I wanted to see pictures of that and you did it! Pretty darn cool. I have watched hundreds of wheat harvests but never tire of seeing the machinery. So much better than times past huh?
I,like you , am very worried, rather concerned about our nation and where we are headed. We better pray for very strong leaders and hope that all goes well in the next four years, I feel rough roads ahead.

#1daughter said...

It's about cotton pickin time you updated your blog. Get it? cotton pickin time? Heh heh....

I had 2 giggly girls in my bathtub last night. I hope they're not still there! They spelled for me, counted for me, made me laugh and made my head hurt. But it was fun

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm just very angry at the folks having a high old time at the spa. And I can't imagine that God isn't mad, too. Did my Bible study, prayed for our nation and our leaders and for a quick end to this election garbage! blessings, marlene

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