Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours - Not Water!!

Things have been really quiet for the last week and a half. Not too much going on at work. Just daily routine things you can do in your sleep.

Then BOOM!!! everything breaks at once, and everyone needs to be fixed ASAP. So, I've spent all day 'putting out fires' as we call them. A co-worker and I have just spent the last hour walking someone on another campus through a problem. And it was a big problem. Fortunately, everything is now working.

This morning, all 10 HR reports dealing with retirements was showing too much money being submitted to everyone's retirement accounts. Fortunately, one fix took care of all of them, it just took a little time to figure out what that fix should be.

Other than that, it's 76 degrees outside. The sun is shining, and I'm going to pick up The Banty Hen from daycare in just a little while. Then my day will be happy again. WooHoo!

I hope you have had a great day. Pray for the flood victims in the NE. Love one another.

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Marge said...

And way up here in Minnesota it was 74 this afternoon! Spring has sprung! Enjoy your little one!

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