Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My New Project

I'm not the greatest at taking pictures, and my camera isn't the greatest at showing close up detail. I've finished the inset for The Banty Hen's play set. I hope to have it pretty much done by the weekend. She loves pink, and that is the main color. This little inset worked up very quickly, the technique for the flowers was something I had not done before. The outer petals start out like a bouillon rose, but instead of wrapping your needle, you cast on your thread like you were going to knit. I wish my pictures were better so you could see. Some came out perfectly. Others--not so much, but washing usually evens out any bobbles in smocking, so there's hope yet. My grandmother-in-law used to say,'who'll ever notice on a galloping horse', so maybe no one will notice any imperfections.
One thing I like about the AS&E books is that there are lots of techniques I've never done before, and they really add to the work.
I had a couple of friends ask to see a more up close picture of the dress Princess#2 wore in the pageant. If you double click, they will enlarge. I should have made some pictures of her closer up, but like I say, I'm not very good with a camera.

I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. Pray for those in need. Love another.


Marge said...

This also looks lovely! Be sure to post the finished project.

The Cotton Wife said...

Your camera should have a setting that looks like a little flower on a stem. That's the setting for close-ups.

Of course, you may be using that setting already and are thinking that I should just be quiet! :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks adorable. I'm curious. Is that knitted, crocheted or something you've sewn?

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