Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finished Projects!

This is the project I've been working on. It's called Paisley(something), I can never remember the whole name. It is from AS&E Issue #83. I thought it would be a quick little outfit, since the smocking was a simple pattern. I'm thinking I can whip this out 'toot sweet'. WRONG!!!! Yes, the smocking didn't take too long. I'd never done the flower petals like these, but it worked up pretty fast.
Then came the cutting and sewing. There's just about 20 miles of piping(I'm exaggerating of course)and as much binding. It all had to be sewn together, and each seam took sewing three times. One seam to make the piping, one to sew it in place, and one to put the binding on. And the flounce to the top is a full circle. That's a long way baby. But I've extremely pleased with the outcome. I think it was definitely worth all the time I've put into it. Now, hopefully, it will fit.
Here is a closeup of the smocking. The petals on the flowers are made with a technique similar to making bouilion roses. My work never looks great, but usually looks better after the garment has been washed. I think that allows everything to get in place a little better--evens out the stitches.
In this one, you can see the buttons I used for the front. They are just decoration. It actually buttons down the back. These buttons are JHB, and I've had them for probably 25 years. I also had the ones down the back in my stash too. I'm working that stash down, just not too quickly.
This little project was next on my list. There are two ways to make this little pinafore/sundress. One has a lot of ric-rack flowers on it, and thus a lot of work. My intention is to see how this version fits before I spend the time on the other one. This one took about 4 hours from tracing the pattern pieces(all two of them)and cutting it out.
It goes together easily enough and this Kaufman fabric has such a good feel(hand)to it, that I think it will wear very well. The ribbon is two different ribbons. The turquoise ribbon is a bit darker than the light turquoise in the dress fabric, and the brown ribbon was a bit darker than the brown fabric, but I think they compliment each quite well.
Oh yes, and look at the buttons. They are the same as what I put on the other outfit. I was able to use all the buttons. I had six in all. Twenty five years ago these buttons cost $1.50 per card, I don't know what they'd cost today. I've been so surprised at how the cost of notions has jumped. Thread is like spun gold, and the color choices seem so limited. And this is at Hancocks. You'd think they'd have the best variety in town, especially since they are just about the only game in town. Their only competition if Hobby Lobby since our Wal-Mart doesn't carry fabric any more.

My next big project(after the little dress)will be matching quilts for my two granddaughters who share a room. Their Daddy built each a twin bed, and we have beautiful yellow fabric with flip flops all over it for the quilts. I'm anxious to get started on that as well.

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Pray that what I've made fits the Banty Hen. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

They both turned out so pretty.

Twisted Fencepost said...

The are both adorable.
My Mom made a lot of my clothes when I was a child. Wish I had some of those, just for sentimental reasons.

Marge said...

Very nice! I love your work.

I just ordered a new machine....I'll have to write about it when it comes in. I'm excited!

diamondstatecurlygurl said...

I love seeing your work for the kiddos - you make such beautiful things! My great-granmother made matching outfits for my sister and I when we were little and though I probably wasn't great at the time - I have memories of being so excited when she was "fitting" something new :) I've never worked as hard (nor been as good, which might come hand in hand?) at sewing as my mother - but I hope I can do some fun things like these when I have grandchildren! God Bless, Tammy

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