Friday, March 19, 2010

Stroll Down Memory Lane!

My oldest daughter called me last night. She always asks what I'm doing. My answer is usually that I'm watching tv, or maybe sewing. Last night I told her I was 'strolling down memory lane'. Of course she laughed at me, so I explained. A gentleman in our community died the other day, and his funeral is today. In my mother's picture box, I knew at one time there was a picture of this man and his wife made around 1954. I wanted to find it and take it to his daughter today so I went through the 'picture box'. The thing about looking for a specific picture is that you can't just glance at the pictures you come to, you have to examine them. In examining them, I basically got lost in time. I rarely look at these pictures. This picture box stopped growing with my mother's death. Many of the people in those pictures I don't know. Probably 80% have no names on them, and the only way I know about when they were made is that old pictures have a month and year printed in the border.

The gentleman who died was ten years younger than my dad, but they grew up in the same community, my dad having moved there when he was in his early teens. Many people who did not know them really well, often got them confused. They got each other's parts bills from the implement company, and once my mother got a pickup truck load of geese that the other man had bought. Over the years, it was sort of a joke, but my mom and dad were really good friends with the family. I didn't find the picture. I've put it somewhere with the intention of getting it to them, and don't know where it is.

His younger sister taught school, and when my younger brother was born, I was summoned to her room. When she told me I had a baby brother, I cried. I wanted a sister.

Thanks for listening to my stroll. I hope you are having a good day(it's beautiful here). Pray for those who have lost loved ones. Love one another.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

miss banty hen is adorable and i get caught up in the BOXES and BOXES of pics i am trying to get through as i attempt to figure what all has accumulated here in my house for the last 24 years...

Julia said...

I love to look at old pictures, but I have to make sure that I have several hours.

Debra said...

I enjoy hearing others talk about memories. I share quite a few of them myself.

Sometimes memories is all we've got and the best thing about that is no one can take them away from you!

Have a great Monday!

Beverly said...

It's funny, I sometimes get so sentimental about the "good ole days"...and rummaging through old pictures is almost like being there my mind.

Have a wonderful week!!!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I get lost in the picture box, too. When I'm not pinched for time, I love going there.

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