Sunday, March 01, 2009

No Bread on the Shelves - Must be Snowing

Funny thing happens when it snows in our area. There is no bread on the store shelves. I went out to the Dollar Store late yesterday afternoon, and there wasn't a loaf of bread to be found. Not that I wanted any. It was just something I noticed. Any time there's going to be snow, people run out and buy bread. I guess they think if they get snowed in, they'll be able to make plenty of toast.
It was in the 60's here during the week. The weather men kept telling us that we would have snow, but I don't think anyone really believed it. But yesterday about 1:00pm, it began to snow with a vengeance. Flakes about the size of a dime.
They didn't fall down either. They fell sideways.
We ended up with about 8 inches by the time it finished around 12:30am this morning. It was beautiful coming down, and the yard looks like it's been sprinkled with diamonds today. It is just above freezing, and supposed to get warmer as the day progresses.

Our first service and class was cancelled this morning. Second service will go on as usual, if people can get up the hill to the building. The roads will have cleared off enough that we can go tonight without any problems. And we are supposed to have temperatures in the low 70's by mid week.

I hope you are staying warm and dry or else are out playing in the snow.

Have a great Sunday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Marge said...

We had a good old fashioned snow storm on Thursday, so everything is shoveled out by now and services were all on as usual. It was 2 below zero this morning, but with the sun so much higher in the sky now, I forsee a good melt in the next few days. I heard a possible 60 by next week! No need to go back to Florida!

Stay warm!

Flea said...

Are you taking our snow again? I really, really, really want snow.

North and east in AR are just a little far for me. I'm headed south into central Louisiana. Sorry. And have to get back to work on Saturday night. But I'll keep your location in mind. We like to hike and camp in Arkansas!

tipper said...

The same bread issue happens here too! But we didn't get any of the snow this time. Wish we had.

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