Friday, November 20, 2009

One Thanksgiving Meal Down!

We live in a land of plenty. Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving meal here in the office. Guess what I made? I know, you guessed it--Crockpot dressing. One of the guys here in the office always fries turkeys for us. He fried 3 yesterday. The were moist and delicious. We had all the things that go with a feast, and we all ate until we were miserable. In fact, I saved my dessert until this morning with my coffee.

Before November rolls to a close, I will have participated in at least two more Thanksgiving meals. And yes, I have already ordered some new slacks in a bigger size. I'm beginning to think I should just start wearing spandex. That would be the clothes that keep on giving. I tried to make a joke, but I don't hear anyone laughing.

The foodbank here has been having food drives this week. Our office had two boxes full yesterday to take to the donation drop-off. Our church sent home grocery sacks with a list of things to put in them. The church will purchase a turkey for each filled bag, and on Saturday, the teenagers and young married couples will deliver them to the families whose names have been given to us.

I know several other churches in the area are doing the same thing. I hope everyone who wants to have a Thanksgiving meal will have that opportunity this holiday season.

I've decided that starting today through the holidays I'm going to begin a list of things I should be thankful for. I'm going to add something each day, and incorporate them in my prayers. I think the first thing on the list is that Jesus died for my sins so I will have the promise of eternal life in Heaven.

I hope you are having a good Friday and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Lisa said...

We are so blessed to have such an abundance of food in our lives. I got food for my daughter to give for her food drive at college. It never really feels like enough when I think about how much I have in my life. We are having Thanksgiving at my daughters house for the first time ever and she is going to invite "friends" from Tulsa. I hope she finds her house full with new friends....good ones!

Marge said...

I did most of my shopping yesterday, turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, ingredients for dressings, etc. My oldest daughter is bringing pies....I'm hoping a couple of DIL's will offer veggies and salad.

And of course I have the two most important items......pickled herring and lefsa. No holiday among Norwegians would be complete without them!

I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yes, we are blessed with abundance. And I am thankful for that and that I live in the USA.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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