Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I Guess I know Who My Friends Are!

I wrote my post yesterday simply to complain about the fact that my oven doesn't heat properly. Thinking all along, I'd get a bit of sympathy, but no, I got accused of trying to get out of cooking the thanksgiving turkey. And #1 daughter(that's #1 traitor from now on) jumped right on that bandwagon.

Actually, I got quite a laugh about it, and I'd have tried it before if I thought it would have gotten me out of cooking(I do so much of it). But we'll be having our thanksgiving at #2 daughter's house, and I'll carry the turkey there to be cooked.

And Laura, I personally have never had a crockpot to die, and I have one that is about 30 years old, but I have a friend whose 'high' setting went out, so she can only cook things that take 8 or more hours to cook, but sounds like you have worn yours out.

And on the subject of crockpots: Have you tried the liners? They are to die for. Clean up is simply throwing out the bag. No stuck food to the sides, no scrapping, just gather up the corners of the bag and pitch it in the trash.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

So what you're saying is you don't want to clean up either?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOLOLOLOLOL at daughter number one... Yes i bought the liners but i seem to forget that there are two boxes of them in the pantry... maybe thats it maybe my high setting is just not working ... this is my most favorite crock pot... it is the 4 quart one that the crock comes out... for super easy clean up... i have a small one quart pot, a 2 quart, my 4 quartand a 6 quart... and certian foods just fit right in each one LOL... the one used most is of course the 4 quart... i have been using the 2 quart more since cory and steph have moved out...
was it you that i got the to die for crock pot dressing recipie from???? I know this bunch loves it and i am so ready to make more...
hugs Laura

Memaw's memories said...

Laura, I think I put my crockpot dressing on this blog. My family doesn't want anything else. And even #2daughter is planning to make it for us for Thanksgiving.

I'm always on the look out for good crockpot recipes.

Marge said...

Okay. Did you post that recipe? Please do so again. Crockpot dressing sounds wonderful....... especially since I have to cook for over 24 folks for Thanksgiving. Seems this would be really easy. So, please, pretty please, post it again!

And may God bless your day!

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