Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Ramblin

I have no specific topic today. So I'm just going to ramble a bit. It's been a good week, other than my youngest daughter thought she might have mono, but turned out it wasn't. The youngest granddaughter is potty training and doing really well. She's two. I picked the older two granddaughters up after school yesterday and brought them back to work til their mother could pick them up. I have new art work!

Note to self: pick up a couple of coloring books and some colors. I don't like for them to use the dry erase markers I have here in the office. I don't think it would come out if they got it on their clothes.

I played cards last night. Didn't win, but had fun. We have one gal who plays with us that keeps you in stitches. She can take the silliest thing and tell it in a way that doubles you up laughing. What a stress reliever that one night a month is for all of us. The hostess' husband made a pot of potato soup for us, and she had sandwiches, chicken salad, bacon tomato dip, cheeseball, and salad. Then for dessert, she had pecan pie, pralines, and pecans dipped in white chocolate. I was really good, I didn't eat any pie.

We're trying something new here in the office this week. I bought a bottle of sublingual B-12. We've each been taking one after lunch to see if it makes us any perkier(is that a word?). You put them under your tongue(thus sublingual) and let them dissolve. They taste sort of like a sweet tart. I don't know for sure, but we think they may be working. We went to a meeting the other afternoon. Three of the four people in the meeting had taken the B-12. The person who didn't, yawned all through the meeting.

I have three dresses to cut out and get ready to smock this weekend. Then there'll be a 4th one as soon as I can meet my sister-in-law to pick out fabric for her granddaughter. We are making bishop dresses with geometric design, and adding christmas themed buttons around the yoke. Then after christmas, the buttons can come off, and they can continue to wear them til they no longer fit.

And Megan from Little Rock, welcome into my little corner of the world.

That's it for a ramblin Friday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Lisa said...

I really need to get a group of girls together to play cards with. I love cards. And I love just getting together with people.
And I LOVE that today is FRIDAY THE 13TH. My lucky day.

Marge said...

Those smocked dresses sound beautiful. Please take a picture to post for us to see. I just wish I knew how to do that smocking. I have 6 granddaughters, but with one of them 23, one 22, and one 17, and the others over 7. I guess I won't be making Christmas dresses for them! I just don't think they'd appreciate smocking!

Have a great weekend! And if you mention that bacon and tomato dip one more time, I'm going to have to make it. Sounds wonderful!

Flea said...

My Hunny swears by his B-12. In fact, he got a B shot and for a month was doing beautifully. They're great in the winter, especially for people who struggle with depression.

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