Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November - A Distant Memory

It's December 1st. November is gone. Thanksgiving is over. As I told you in an earlier post, I would participate in a total of three thanksgiving meals, which I did. The first at work. The second was with my step-parents and part of the extended family. The third was my children, grandchildren, myself and my brother and his wife.

The food was wonderful at each one. I think the lunch we had at work was the best we've ever had. My step-mother is a great cook, and my family all pitched in and did a joint effort that was really good. We had turkey, ham(oldest daughter brought), dressing(which my youngest daughter made and it was really good), sweet potato casserole(my sister-in-law made, really good also), green bean bundles(made by my daughter-in-law, sooo good), glazed carrots(also made by youngest daughter), potatoes, gravy, rolls, cheddar biscuits(recipe I stole from Chickens in the Road). I made a pecan pie from a cookbook I got in my wedding shower in 1965, and a pumpkin-cream cheese pie that I sorta made up. My sister-in-law made a banana pudding.

Let me tell you about the pumpkin pie. I love a good pumpkin pie if the pumpkin flavor isn't too strong, so I usually try to mellow it out a bit. I used Libby 15 oz can of pumpkin and followed the recipe with these exceptions. Where it called for evaporated milk, I used sweetened condensed milk, and cut the sugar out, and added an 8 oz pkg of cream cheese. It completely filled a deep dish pie pan, but I didn't bake it much longer than the recipe on the can called for. Everyone that ate it said it was really good.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Pray for our country. Love one another.

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I wish I had some of that dressing today.

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