Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who Ordered This Weather?

Last week it was the wind. Oh and let me tell you, I hate when the wind blows. I live in an area that is mostly a sandy loam mixture of soil. When the wind blows, that stuff gets up in the air and lands smack dab on my furniture and floors. It's not as bad as it used to be before I got new windows and doors, but it still manages to get in.

This week it's the rain and thunder. And boy has it rained. This started yesterday, and continued all night. Now it's raining again today and probably will for the next couple. You may not get any dust, but I did get a surprise this morning(should have taken a picture). I walked through the living room and noticed something on the floor, then noticed it was moving, then realized it was two of those red worms that come up on the concrete during and after a rain. How they managed to get into the house is beyond me, but there they were. They now reside in the garbage can outside. They gave me the creeps.

In these pictures, you can't really see the rain falling, nor can you hear the thunder, but you can see the amount of water standing in my yard. We've gotten about 3 inches so far, and will probably get another 2.

Enough about the weather, here are a couple of pictures of my favorite girls. The one with Tiger belongs to The Contractor, and the two in my recliner belong to Daughter#2.

I hope you are having a great Tuesday. And I hope you are staying dry. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Flea said...

I love this weather! Hail! Lightning! Thunder! Rain! Mist! Wind! Ahhh ...

Amy said...

I know what you mean about excessive rain - we are about to build an ark!

Lisa said...

Well be happy about the rain now, because you may not get it later this summer...right? But far as the worms, how in the WORLD did they get into the house?? Isn't that weird. We are having rain and more rain here too...I think I will send it your way, sorry! But tomorrow is suppose to be nice! Oh, I just heard the thunder...again.

Lisa said...

Oh by the way, those girls are so cute. Looks like little one is not to crazy about the big ole Tigger huh?

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