Saturday, April 18, 2009

Strange Relatives

My 5 year old grandson aka Superhero spends the night with me on Wednesday. I pick him and his suitcase up from daycare. We go to church, where we help feed the college kids, have Bible Study, and then to my house afterward. He is usually hungry and needs a snack, and we watch a little tv.

If you are around me long, you know I have a wierd group of tv programs that I like. On Wednesday night, it's Dog the Bounty Hunter. I know these are a rough bunch of folks, but they are very family oriented, and I honestly believe they care about the people they have to catch. Now don't get me wrong, I think they love the chase and the catch too.

Anyway, I allow Superhero to watch Dog catch the bad people. This week when we were going to school on Thursday morning, from the backseat, Superhero said, 'hey, memaw, that bounty man was at my grandma's house Easter'. I said he was, and he said yes. We talked about it for a few minutes and when I got to work, I sent an instant message to the DIL, Superhero's mom, told her what he said, and asked her if she didn't want me to know she had famous relatives, or if she was ashamed of them. She replied with an OMG and the little man rolling on the floor laughing(if you IM, you know the little man I'm talking about). She said her aunt's boyfriend had long blonde hair and wore the arm bands like Dog does.

I have told everybody that knows Superhero about our conversation. It just doesn't take much to impress that little guy.

Do you have famous or infamous relatives? My claim to fame is that my mother's cousins were the Wilburn Brothers. Unless you know old time country music, that name won't mean much, but they had their own show on Saturday afternoon in the 60's out of Nashville, and even though they weren't mentioned in the movie, Loretta Lynn got her start on their program. She was their girl singer. They also toured with Elvis before he became King and was traveling around from one honky tonk to another.

Hope you are having a great day. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

What a cute story! Super Hero sounds like a sweetie. I too love to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter and I remember the Wilburn Brother's from the 60's. I live just outside Denver. One day I went to the post office here in my small town. When you drop off mail, the slot is on the side of the building in an alley. As I got halfway down the alley I saw all these men in their leather, long hair and tatoos. Sure enough, It was the Dog crew. They were surrounding the little house at the end of the alley. As it turned out, the bad guy had been picked up that morning by the police. I later saw the episode on tv. Remember Mary Ellen the bail bondsman? She lives here in my town.
I really enjoy reading your great stories. You sound like a wonderful person.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you grandson will have great adventures following tom and huck... the lighthouse was built in the 30's maybe before i will have to ask... it is not a functioning light house it is just a monument at the top of cardiff hill... my aunt thinks it was only lit one time when president roosevelt came to see it dedicated. it is a HUGE tourist attraction... its free to walk up to from downtown there are three or 4 levels of stairs and especially since the old bridge was blown up and the new one built and you no longer have to cross the highway to get all the way up it is much safer... I always cheat and drive to the upper level cause my knees and hips are not about to do that climb any more... but each year we have to go and take new photos.
I dont know about rocks in the river but i do know the sand bars can cause havoc if the boaters dont pay attention and there are always bardges up and down the river... there is also steam paddle boats in hannibal this year they were not out when I was but last year i got a good pic of one as we were up at the lighthouse and it was doing its dinner ride.
will have to hunt that pic down for your grandson :)

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