Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is Your Generation?

We hear about the X-generation, the Baby boom generation, and others. And as I was plugging money into the drink machine this morning, it dawned on me which generation I identify with most. I am definitely a part of the Pepsi generation. Now that doesn't mean I won't drink a Coke on occasion. I think it basically means that I was raised on cola's, or as Yankees say, 'Pop'.

Here in the South, where Coke originated, any type of carbonated drink is a 'coke'. I started drinking 'cokes' when I was a kid and they cost a nickel, and I remember all the hula-ba-loo when they went to six cents--yes, you heard correctly, six cents. Before too long they went to a dime and at that time, my dad said when they went to 15 cents, he'd quit drinking them.

If the truth was known, he probably had one days before his death in 1993, and I know for a fact they cost more than 15 cents by then.

Back to me and what I love most. If I'm hot and really thirsty, don't come at me with a bottle of water, unless it's to pour on my head. If I'm not feeling well, don't come at me with Pepto to settle my stomach. If I'm needing to get woke up in the morning, don't come at me with a cup of coffee. I simply need a 'coke'--whatever brand it may be. A cold coke will quench my thirst. A cold coke will settle my stomach, and a cold coke wakes me up in the morning. Oh yeah, I don't want a diet anything. Don't like em, can't stand em, might as well drink muddy water from a hoof print.

But here in lies the rub--I'm not supposed to have them. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Not supposed to have the sugar, caffiene or the sodium that are part of the ingredients. But do you for one minute, think that makes a difference? Nope. When I try to get on a healthy diet, I will exclude cokes. And I can make it for a while drinking caffiene free tea sweetened with Splenda, but that only lasts a couple of weeks at best, and then something will happen, and I absolutely, positively have to have a coke, and one leads to another.

In other words, I'm totally addicted. Is there a 12 step program for people like me? Does Weight Watchers qualify as one--not that I'm a member or anything, but that comes to mind when I think of 12 steps.

I guess I'm just a total failure when it comes to being able to stay away from cokes. It's not like I have to have them to live. When I fail at a diet, I always say it's because I can't go cold turkey with food.

So here I sit, swigging on my Pepsi this morning. Enjoying it immensly. Knowing it's not good for me. I guess you should be praying for me.

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Amy said...


Give me MY REAL COKE - and noone will get hurt!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I have found that I have the same problem with diet sodas. I do not like that after taste. BUT...I have found one that I actually like...Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. But it has to be the Caffeine Free. I don't like regular Diet Pepsi. There is not much difference in taste with it and regular Pepsi. Try it. It may just be the thing you need. I know it is hard, from experience. But with diabetes, you have to watch your sugar levels. I know, I have watched my Mother and Brother suffer with it for years. And I will pray for you!

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