Monday, April 06, 2009

Oh Spring Where Art Thou!

Oh Spring--You keep teasing me with warm days and pretty blooms on the trees and bushes. My daffodils have bloomed--my hyacinths have bloomed, and now it looks like there will be a freeze tonight. I'm ready for the wind to calm and the days be warm enough that I can frolick about outside.

Like I'm going to frolick about outside or elsewhere. I would like to be able to get out without being blown in every direction, and I would like for the weather to be comfortable without a jacket. Just about the time I pitch my jacket in the laundry room for a final wash before being stored for the summer, I have to go dig it back out.

The news said that the peach crop may be devastated again this year. They lost one a couple of years ago, and the peaches were so expensive last year that you could hardly afford them. I think I've found a free source this year unless the freeze tonight gets them. I may have to put out my own peach tree for future use. I have a pecan tree, but have to fight the squirrel's for them. Maybe they don't like peaches.

Needless to say, this is a dreary Monday. The only bright spot is that the stump grinders came and ground my stumps this morning. My neighbor called early and told me they were there. She is retired, and has been holding the check I wrote to them so they could be paid when they were finished. She had stumps they ground also. She's a big help to me with things of that sort. She called me when the tree cutters came to see if I wanted mine cut, and she called when the grinders came through so I could get a deal made with them.

The other bright spot is my oldest daughter. She is on day 7 in her attempt to stop smoking. Even though she grumbles about it, she is making a hard effort to stop. I can only imagine how hard it must be. I'm addicted cokes. I can go a few days without one, but sooner or later, I break down and have one. So, to some extent, I can identify with what she's going through. I want her to stick it out for herself and for her two children. She has a son about 23 and one 12. She needs to be around to finish raising them.

Hope you are having a greta Monday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

Frolick? that's funny.

Tara Smith said...

I'm a bright spot. I lost 17 lbs. I'd like to gnaw my left arm off (I need my right one to eat with in case I find a twinkie hidden around this stinkin' place).

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'm praying for our country and hoping old man winter has mercy on us!!

Lisa said...

Isn't this weather just something else??? We are in a hard freeze warning tonight I think. I think it is true for I am freezing sitting here at the computer!
I am really proud of your daughter on trying to quit smoking. I hope she is successful, her kids need her to be! I really admire that. I am addicted to JUNK FOOD. so I can't even begin to think how hard it would be to stop smoking. Three cheers for her and her success!!!!

Tammy said...

It's the same here with spring. It's a big tease. lol I hope your daughter does well. I weened myself off cokes by going to fizzy fruit juice and then iced tea.

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