Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring is on the Way

I'm looking forward to Easter. It's a signal that Spring is actually here, or at least close. I know officially Spring has sprung, but it's time for things to actually turn green and bloom. And I can start wearing my summer clothes.

How many of you remember that you couldn't wear white before Easter or after Labor Day? Now I'm not a fashion statement. I'm more the what not to wear statement. I'm not up on the latest fashions, but I still hear my mother's voice in the back of my head saying things like,'you can't wear that yet, or you shouldn't still be wearing this now.

Along with good taste, many of the fashion rules we learned have been thrown out the window along with the length of skirts and shirts. Showing your belly button when I was young caused you to be the talk of the town and gave you a reputation. Short skirts did almost the same thing. I never had to have the length of my clothes measured in school, my dad wouldn't allow me to have anything that was too short. Too long was fine with him, but never too short. And Heaven forbid if I ever tugged on a skirt in his presence. I was promptly sent to put on something longer.

My oldest daughter has a favorite saying when she sees someone in something that is too tight or short. She says that just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.

Do you think some people have warped mirrors that even though they are fat, they look thin in them? Or maybe warped eyeballs that see things one way when they are really another>

I'm not sure what got me on this subject today, but if you have any fashion statements to make, feel free to make them here.

Hope you are having a great Thursday(It's Conasta night for me). Pray for our country. Love one another.


Twisted Fencepost said...

My mother always said, "No white before Easter or after Labor Day", too.
And Mothers shouldn't wear white?????
What gets me is overweight and a belly shirt. Or bra straps showing with a halter or tank. Or pull those darn pants up!!

Amy said...

oh... HUGE fashion statement that needs to but 'shut up'... those muffin tops over skinny jeans! UH.... NOT SO MUCH!

Marge said...

Back in the day, You brought out the white dress shoes on Easter and the dressy black shoes on Labor Day. Boy times have changed! The young gals wear flip flops year 'round. We wore them to the shower!

I don't like the gals with all that bare skin showing between the short top and the low tight jeans........and I don't like seeing the guys with six or more inches of boxers showing above their jeans, and the crotch hanging about their knees! How can that be comfortable?

Have a blessed Easter.

Lisa said...

Fashion....???? There is none any more. Just about the same with morals too. What if WE ruled the world....things would be so different!

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