Monday, August 18, 2008

Worried About The Winter!

I'm beginning to worry about how bad this winter is going to be. I had a lady tell me one time that for every fog you have in August, there will be a snow during the winter.

When it got daylight Saturday morning, I realized that it was foggy. This makes about 5 fogs we've had and August is just about half over. If this is a true indication of what we will have this winter, we're in trouble.

We usually have some snow, maybe a light dusting before Christmas--hardly ever a white Christmas, but then along about mid January or February, we will get whatever type of winter we are going to have.

I don't know if severity of the snow has any direct relationship to the density of the fog, but so far none have been to thick. They usually burn away when the sun gets up.

And it seems that with fuel so high, winter will be bad. Just the way we've had such a hot summer. Maybe there's some connection to fuel prices and hot summers and cold winters.

I think that is how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Maybe by the time winter gets here, fuel prices will have dropped to a reasonable amount. I guess the question is 'what's reasonable?'

As a side note, school has started today in our area. All the little kiddies are learning new teachers and making new friends. Princess#1 started Kindergarten, and Princess#2 moved to the Pre-school building. Here's a picture of the nap mat cover I made for Princess#1. It consists of two towels sewn together on three sides with button tabs at the top. It turned out really cute, but I can't see her dragging it home to be washed and with all the head lice in schools these days, it will have to be washed regularly.

Changes, life if full of changes. My babies are growing up, and I'm growing older.

How is your Monday going? Are you at work? Are you home? As for me, I'm working today.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

I am home doing you know what... rocking this this sweet (but fussy) baby. It's a pretty rewarding stay at home job. The pay is not good but the benefits are!!!

Me Maw said...

Will be getting ready for the night shift, as I have for about 28years.

There is something going on about this weather thing. I live in south Mississippi and I promise you, a few of the leaves are beginning to turn! We have already had a few cool mornings and afternoons.

Could there really be something about that fog thing?

This is just unheard of for mid-August here!

Have a great evening!

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