Friday, August 29, 2008

WooHoo It's Friday!

I decided to make this a 4 day weekend. Actually all weekends should be 4 days long, but I don't seem to be able to convince the powers that be of that.

I slept in until 6:00AM this morning. Aren't you proud of me? But there's a downside to having a long weekend. I have to do some housework. Living by myself, I can put a lot of things off thinking I'll get to that later. And every day while I'm at work, I plan what I'm going to do when I get home in the evening, but for some reason when I get home, all those plans fly right out the window.

It's like I realize just how tired I am about 5:30PM. I drag myself in, throw my stuff down and just fall into my recliner. Thank goodness I don't have anyone waiting for dinner or laundry or anything else.

So, I have to get up and get going this morning. I'm helping daughter#2 with a baby shower tomorrow, so I have to make some goodies. I'm thinking that will be tortilla pinwheels and some fudge. I have a tablecloth to iron and need to gather up the punch bowl and a few other dishes she will need for serving.

This is a diaper shower for her sister-in-law, and I took Princess#2 with me to buy them yesterday and she wanted to buy a boy bib, I thought she was saying boy bed and I kept telling her I couldn't afford one of those. But she finally made me understand and wanted me to put a name on it. I assumed she wanted the baby's name on it, but she wanted her sister and her names on it. I explained that we really wanted the baby's name on it so she was satisfied with that.

What are you doing different today than you normally do on a Friday? If I know what you are going to do, I may change my mind and do something different.

Have a wonderful Friday. Love one another.


Mabunny said...

I always eat lunch at home, but since I don't have much aroudn and need to go grocery shopping, I'm treating myself to some good italian food from a local restaurant and no one else need know!

#1daughter said...

Did you say WooHoo?

Lisa J said...

Sounds like you will have a nice weekend, and I bet somewhere in this weekend you will have some good familiy time.
Me??? I got the grandkids for the weekend. SO Woo-Hoo!!! To you too.

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