Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School's Back In Session

Yes, school started back in our area yesterday. There were school busess everywhere and lots of mom's late for work getting their children situated.

When I went to school(let's not mention the year I started), my mother simply put me on the school bus that came by our house. I had an envelope with all my information and lunch money in it. I don't even remember that first day. I don't know if I was so traumatized, or if I was just in some sort of haze.

We didn't have kindergarden, but I was only 5 when I was sent off to join the ranks of the first grade. I started to school in July(we had split term back then) and I wasn't 6 until the following January. I would like to think my mother knew I was mature for my age, but what I really think is that she got tired of having to listen to me talk and sent me to school so someone else could.

All the other kids were born in 1948 or earlier. I was a 1949 baby. This made me the youngest in the class, something I hold over their heads til this day. Even though I'm the first to have a birthday in our group, they are all older.

My granddaughter(Princess#1) started kindergarden yesterday. You can see her mother's post here. I couldn't quite figure out what caused my daughter to be in such a mood about it. After all, she's been in some type of day care since she was 8 weeks old, and even went through pre-school twice. But my DIL pointed out something yesterday afternoon when we were talking about it. She said with day care, you are in charge to a great extent. But once they go to public school, you lose some of your control. It's just a different world.

It also shows they are growing up and leaving us. First it's kindergarden, then college, which is what Superhero thinks is the normal progression.

We grew up, our children grew up, and now our grandchildren are growing up. Reminds me of the scripture, 'To everything there is a season'. Seasons come and seasons go. I think I'm in the winter of my life. My grandchildren are in their Spring.

Into what season do you fall?

Hope you have a great Tuesday. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

Well with the hot flashes it must be summer!!!!
Yes, sending our kids off to school is the next stage of life, we can't go back, and I think some mothers do have a hard time with that. I always made the first day of school a big event. We took pictures, had breakfast, and then after school we went out to dinner and talked about the first day of school. I did this even in the high school days, except for the pictures. Should have though!!! The first day of school is just something special. Yesterday my daughter started back to college. I would love to have been there to take her out to eat. But we did talk on the phone about her first day and it was so neat to hear the excitement in her voice about being back in school. She had laid out spring and summer, she is getting older, and she needs to get serious. I think she knows that now and is ready to get down to business. After several thousand dollars in school loan debts, I sure hope she is about ready to get serious.

Mabunny said...

Yea, Nicole went back to school yesterday. She did great. me? not so hot, but I weathered thru, and will today too. It was rainy yesterday and I do't htink that helped my mood at all. I was happy when she got home and I got to hug her!
Not sure what season I'm in , this time of my life . Have to give that one some thought. Hope you have a great day too!

#1daughter said...

What the crap does you're in the winter of your life mean?

This waxing philosophical stuff either goes over my head or you are alluding to things I don't want to know about.

Tara Smith said...

Waxing philosophical? Whoa....you need to stop reading Pioneer Woman's website. It's causing you to use big words.

#1daughter said...

I wondered where I got that phrase cause you know I didn't think it up all by myself!

Beckynsc said...

I think I have one foot in summer and one foot in autumn. I'm putting the brakes on before winter gets here!

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