Friday, August 08, 2008

Disappointing Dinner

We took our friend to eat for her birthday last night. The company and fellowship was wonderful as always. The place we ate was a total disappointment.

It was one of those Japanese places where you can either sit at the grill and be entertained or you can be stuck in the back in the dark and hope a waitress comes to take your order.

There was a wait for the grill, and being old, we needed to eat before our bedtime, so we went to the back. We finally got our drink order placed, and would have liked to ask a few questions about the menu, but weren't given the opportunity since we had to finally go find someone to take our order.

If you've been to one of these places lately, you know the food is quite expensive. And I feel it is very overpriced when you have no clue what any of it is and can't seem to find out.

I ordered Edamame(soybeans). Thought they'd be good. I thought they needed to be cooked a bit more and they had no taste whatever.

There were four of us so we decided to split two orders, for which we asked for two extra plates. By the time the extra plates came, we had eaten all the food. Remember it was getting late and we were all hungry. The food was cold, the service poor and the cost was high. Needless to say, we weren't terribly happy with the choice, but we didn't say much because our birthday girl had chosen it.

We finished the food, paid and left. I don't think I'll be patronizing that particular Japanese restaurant any time soon. I'm kinda a buffet girl anyway. That way I can see what I'm planning to eat before it is put in front of me.

I've whinned enough this morning. So, I'll ask, Are you a 'serve it to me' or a 'buffet' type of person? It will speak volumes about your personality, temperament, and possibly waist size.

Have a wonderful Friday. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

I'm not much for buffets anymore. I would like to have some fried catfish right now though. Can you take care of that for me?

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I moaned this morning about the price of groceries this morning! My goodness, how are families buying gas and food these days? I would think you'd have to be quite creative. Or maybe you just eat catfish at your Mom's house say, once a week or so?

#1daughter said...

Yeah mom, you need to cook catfish for me at least once a week. Or get the builder to cook it. Or something.

Tara Smith said...

Will you some "shut up dogs" to go with that fried fish?

I think the girls will refer to hushpuppies as "shut up dogs" forever.

Sage said...

I always over eat at a buffet, I have no control. So I'm a serve it to me girl. But even the restaurants have such huge meals now.....most are portions for two. And isn't it getting expensive to eat out? Wow! We ate at a national chain place last week, just had a regular meal and with a drink other than water it was almost $40! Unbelievable.

Beckynsc said...

I'm a "serve it to me" kinda gal. Buffets are okay, occasionally. But I'like my food fresh off the grill. I can't stand the thought of eating food everyone else has been poking around in.

Lisa J said...

I am so sorry you had a bad experience. We ate at a place like you are describing TWICE and both times have had wonderful experiences. The food was good, the grill entertainment was good and the price was....well, yes a little expensive, but so worth it. I do not like buffet,I feel the price is way to much for the amount I eat. Hope you will give it another try sometime and go for the grill, maybe reservations???

Mabunny said...

I like buffets, if I know they have a good rating. I try to make helathy choices from said buffets, but I also like to go to a restaurant and be waited on hand and foot. We are particaulrly fond of a little italian restaurant not to far from our house. My waistline doesn't show that I eat out alot because we don't - it shows that i was stresseed for a long time in a row and tyring to still get it off, lol;))

Will said...

Not the biggest fan of the buffet. I'm kind of a germaphobe and it really gets to me watching people I don't know "shop" for food I may want to eat as they would shop for produce at a grocery store. Stirring, picking up and putting down, shopping. Then there are the ones who eat as they graze, before they go back to the table. I just don't really like to do the buffet scene. I'll choose serve it to me.

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