Monday, August 04, 2008

Cotton Pickin Post

Although I don't live on a working farm, this is what is growing across the road from me. My family did raise cotton, and I think it will always be in my blood.

I had talked about the process of raising cotton in previous posts, and this is what it looks like now. The blooms can be either pink or yellow. Those you see in this picture, are pink. As the blooms fade and fall off, you see what is called a square. You can see two of those in the lower part of this picture.

In the very center of this picture, is a boll. Once it is mature, it will turn brown, and open. It contains the cotton. If you look just below and left of the green boll, you will see a square and in the lower right corner what is left of a pink bloom.

When we picked by hand, we didn't wait for all the bolls to open, so there were usually quite a few green bolls still on the cotton when we picked the first time. These made great ammunition if you were picking near someone you were mad at or didn't like. Throw one at them, and bend down like you were working hard.

This is a view of what I see when I look out my front door. It is quite green and lush and I can see some of the blooms shining in the sun.

Since I don't have anything blooming in my yard(remember I killed my plants on the front porch), I don't mind seeing the field so green and lush. I started to use the word verdant in my description, but figured one or both of my daughters would have something to say about that.

Here's the reason I didn't post on Saturday, and why I was too tired to post on Sunday. I just can't seem to get enough of this little girl. She's so sweet, and such a good baby.

What is something that prevents you from posting? We all have busy lives. Doesn't seem to matter if you are working full time, or retired. There's always something to do.

Please have a cool Monday. Love one another. Check on a neighbor to make sure they don't get too hot in this heat. And those of you in the hurricane's path, make plans to be safe.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Although I didn't live on a farm, it too is in my blood, Shirley, my mom and grandma picked cotton and I too have lived where my view was a cotton patch.
I hope your Monday is a good one and oh my! That little girl would keep me from posting as well. She is such a beauty!

#1daughter said...

Thursday night Sherry & I went to Jonesboro to Tara's to pick up our AVON. The girls were WILD! I could't walk without them holding on to my pant legs so I would drag them across the kitchen floor. Finally I said to one of them "Ask your mom if she has a nerve pill I can have." Riley promptly asked her mom if she had a nose pill for me. When we stopped laughing we left. If I couldn't have a nerve pill I needed a Sonic diet coke. They're almost as good as pills!

Beckynsc said...

WE have cotton blooming around here. Won't be long till harvest. Something that keeps me from posting...Life in general. Seems I have more of it since I started blogging. Or it seems like it anyway. haha

Laura ~Peach~ said...

cotton fields are lovely... hand picking is not LOL... machines seems to miss alot though.
lovely baby there what a wonderful reason to miss blogging :D
Hugs Laura

Lisa J said...

Oh what a sweet sweet little girl. I can see why you are wrapped right around her little finger.
However, I too am glad you didn't use the word verdant in your description, I have no clue what that means. Now I will have to go look it up!! Thanks!

The cotton fields are really rather pretty. Does it get dirty and dusty when they harvest? Is it loud like when they harvest wheat? We had a wheat field around us when we lived in Enid. And the wheat is pretty but not as pretty as the cotton field.

I'm missing my little ones' need to have a grandbaby fix pretty soon. Because when school starts I won't be getting them as often.

Blessed said...

life and work keep me from posting and visiting other blogs... unfortunately they've been a bit overactive lately!

I can understand why you'd rather spend time with that little girl than post!

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