Thursday, August 07, 2008

Contractor and the Superhero

****Update on the Contractor and Superhero's trip to the Waffle House. They went in, ordered breakfast and ate to the heart's content. Went to the register to pay. Started to write a check and was told-No checks. Also didn't take his Discover card. Oops! what now. I bet he was wishing he'd taken his mommy with him. He ended up leaving his driver's license while he went to his bank, cashed a check and went back and paid. So maybe, riding with those two guys to work isn't such a good idea after all. And of course, I had to call and tease him about it.*****

I want the Contractor to take me to work every morning! Why you ask would I want my son to take me to work? After all, I'm perfectly capable of driving myself anywhere I want to go--well, maybe almost anywhere.

This morning as I was coming over the railroad tracks in the right hand turn lane, I heard a horn honking. When I looked to the left there was the Contractor and Superhero both waving. I was very happy to see them and get to start my day with their smiling faces.

I decided it was also necessary to hear their voices, so(don't tell anyone)I picked up my cell phone and called them. You have a direct line to your superheros don't you? Anyway as I spoke with Superhero, I asked where they were going. The reply--'We're going to go eat breakfast'--how jealous am I? So I asked,'Where are you going to eat breakfast?' The reply--'Waffle House'

Now you understand why I want to ride with them to work each day.

I'm so thankful that my son has a profession that allows him to do this sort of thing. He doesn't punch a clock nor is anyone standing in the doorway wondering why he isn't at work yet. He is able to spend quality time with his children. That's not to say he doesn't work some long hours. He was on the jobsite until 8:30 last night trying to get as much of a roof on the house he's building as possible before it rained. But he has the ability to adjust his schedule so that he can take either or both children to their respective desinations each day when he needs to, and he can pick them up if necessary.

Who do you want to ride to work with? It does get lonesome on that commute each morning.

Have a wonderful Thursday. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

What a wonderful surprise. I bet that just made your day to look over and to see them. Nothing like having your superhero protecting you where ever you go.
Now that I am RETIRED I don't need to ride to work with anyone. But when I do have to go back to work my partner will be God, riding right there in the front seat with me, keeping me safe and keeping me company. That is a good time to have good talks!

#1daughter said...

I could go for some waffles!

Peggy said...

Don't surprises like that just make your day!

I'm retired and don't have to get out much anymore. I'm usually busy listening to some great Southern Gospel music on CD - right now it's a really old Hinsons album.

Beckynsc said...

Actually, I enjoy my drive. It's the only time I can have peace and quiet.

Me Maw said...

I long to have my children to drive around from place to place, to & fro, here & there.

They are 36, 33, 25 years old now so I'm not much needed in that particular capacity...

Still I miss those days.

Crazy I guess.

kimmy said...

I can't wait for them to start the addition. We still need to get it all down on paper and figure out how much this is going to cost!

The dust just might be the death of me, but it will be worth it!


Mary Alice said...

I haven't been to a waffle house...well since we left the south. I could really go for some biscuits and gravy.

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