Saturday, August 02, 2008

Are You Happy?

Enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment. That's the definition of happy in the Merriams-Webster Online Dicitionary. Are we happy all the time? I don't think so. I'd classify myself as happy about 85% of the time. There are times when things make me sad. There are times when I'm frustrated or angry. Especially when things don't go my way, or my money doesn't make it to the end of the pay period. I'm not real happy when I'm pumping gas and it's nearly $4 a gallon. I'm not very happy when I am forced to listen to the two presidential candidates talk on tv. I'm not very happy when one of my grandchildren gets in trouble or hurts themselves.

Wait, I'm telling you all the times when I'm unhappy and this is a post about being happy. Let me see if I can list some times when I'm happy.
1. When I'm worshipping.
2. When my grandchildren hug me.
3. When I'm with family.
4. When I'm with friends.
5. When there's good food on the table.
6. When I've paid all my bills and have enough left to buy gas.
7. When I get on the scale and I've lost a lb or two.
8. When I have clean sheets on my bed.
9. When my house is clean and the yard work has been done.
10.When I have time to just sit and reflect.

You might think my reasons for happiness are simple, but in fact it doesn't take much to make me happy. I can't always say I'm content with everything in my life, but generally I'm a happy person. I've always thought of being happy as a state of mind. I see people who are unhappy, no matter what happens. They always see the down side of everything.

Maybe I don't pay enough attention to what's going on around me and if I did, I might not be so happy, but I think I'd rather go through life with blinders on and miss out on all the bad things in life than to be so highly tuned into what's going on around me. They say ignorance is bliss, but maybe that saying should be ignorance is happiness. Doesn't have the same ring to it does it? I don't want to be ignorant, I just don't want to be jaded by the world around me. And if I'm blissfully ignorant, well, it's just what I want to be.

What makes you happy? You don't have to list 10 thngs, just one or two. I'd like to know.

Have a great Saturday. Try to stay cool. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

Being able to stay home.
My family
My connection on the internet
And my puppy dogs

Life is good for me. I am very blessed and love not having to work. My money is quickly running out, then I will have to make other choices. But after spending nearly 22 years in law enforcement, I am so happy to have the blinders on. I don't want to deal with issues if I don't have to. I did not realize how stressed out I was till I retired and moved away. Completely away from it all. I am not in the middle of the drama any more and where I live now, I don't know the drama. And I am ok with that!!!! Have a safe weekend, stay cool, and safe.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

These days for me are all about searching for and keeping inner peace and a strong spirit. Not every day is easy but my path is set and I'm going to walk this journey and hope I can accomplish what it is I'm destined to. Happiness is on the back burner for me but the peace I've been granted is my blessing right now.

Beckynsc said...

I find I have more happiness when I notice the simple things in life!

Sage said...

Am I happy? You bet I am! And the older I get, the more the simple things in life make me happy. Oh, top of the list is of course family and grandkids and friends, but I also smile when I see wildflowers, a doe and fawn by the edge of the woods, an eagle flying over the forest and lakes, a sunrise or sunset, and ocean waves and mountains. I love the things God gave us to enjoy.

And you know what else makes me happy? Being able to wash my hands with soap and warm water, laying down in a bed with clean sheets and going to the frig or cupboard and having enough to eat.

And I am happy that on Sunday morning I can worship in the church of my choice. These things all make me happy.....and for each one I am thankful.

Hope you have a happy day!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

your reasons are the same as mine !!! WONDERFUL REASONS!

I am thinking that you are who left me the comment about the deed thingy... thank you for the information so far all we are waiting on is the surveyor to get the ok from zoning and planning then all we have to do is go to the court house and file the deed... once that is done then we will decide if we want to fight with them or just write it all off as loss and go on with our lives.

THey (my hubbys brother and sisters) have shown their true colors and it makes me sad as they claim to be christians but true christians do not live directed by greed.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs Laura

Me Maw said...

Happiness...knowing that I have perfect peace when I just rest in Jesus.

I think my blinders have fallen off as of late.

After reading your lovely post, I think I'll put them back on.

Even with the blinders on, it does not make Obama or McCain look any better. Thankfully we know who really is in control of all things!

Tipper said...

I like your list. My girls make me happy.

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