Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday's Rambling

When I got off work yesterday afternoon, I decided to spend part of my meager paycheck on enough food to feed my wonderful family Sunday lunch.

I spent $57 and brought home four small bags of food. I bought what I thought would be everything I needed, and enough frozen dinners and pot pies to feed my next week. I splured and bought a box of cereal. Special K with cinnamon and pecans. I paid 4.49 cents for a box that was narrow and short. I'll be lucky to get 5 bowls of cereal out of it. A half gallon of 2% milk was 2.39.

Food is getting so expensive that I may have to rethink eating. But then you can't take your medicine without eating. But that's another story. By the time I buy my medicine for a month, there isn't much left for food. At least gas has dropped a bit. I paid only $3.51 cents a gallon yesterday. Just $3.51 a gallon. What a deal. By the time I paid for my groceries, and bought 3/4 tank of gas, I had spent over $100. That doesn't include the $25 I paid for a haircut at lunch.

I'm one of the last of the big time spenders.

I'm keeping my grandbaby today. I've nicknamed her the Ring Tail Tooter. She is so funny, and she loves to climb. I'm hoping it's cool enough today that we can go outside. She loves it out there.

What necessities have you blown money on this week?

Hope you have a great Saturday. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

You know, we have been really lucky, our gas is down to $3.35 and I am not on any meds (yet) my husband takes a couple but can get them at wal-mart for the $4.00 a month, the car was under warranty, the oil change was $29.00 and I don't know what my husband paid for groceries. We bought a beef so the freezer is full, hamburger helper has been on sale, fresh tomatoes from someones garden, so I must say we have been pretty lucky. But I did blow some money this week. I was hoping to go to Texas to see my son and was going to bribe my parents in helping with my dogs. I bought a 1/2 gallon of Taboli. When we ended up not going that left a lot of Taboli to eat. So we had them over for lunch and a Taboli eating festival. You have to have a taste for the wheat germ/vegetable mixture and I do. So not going to Texas was not all in vain!!!

Mabunny said...

Well Nicole starts school Monday so yesterday we wnt grocery shopping, and alos got her new socks , underwear and a pair of new shoes for school. today we hit the beauty parlor for our hair and then going out to lunch. Also my sto by the dollar store to see what bargains we can find! Hope you have a good weekend!

tipper said...

We've been trying to keep up with gas and grocery prices and also get 2 girls ready for school to start.

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