Monday, February 08, 2010

Post 400 WooHoo!!!

Today is a momentous day. First I didn't have to go to work today because when I got up this morning, we had this beautiful snow on the ground. We are supposed to get another 2 or 4 inches starting around lunch time. I work for a University and because of this snow, it is closed today as are all the schools in the area. We had eight fogs in August, this is our 5th snow. Looks like we are due 3 more before winter is over. This is a picture of one of my oak trees in the front yard. I took it from my front porch as you can see by the overhang in the upper right corner.
Second this is my 400th post. I'm thinking that is a milestone in itself. And with such a milestone comes some responsibility. I think I should have a GIVEAWAY. If you leave a comment on one of my posts during February, you are automatically entered in my drawing. I will draw on March 1st. Since I'm starting a week into February, I will also use previous comments this month as entries.
I know you are wondering what the prize will be. I don't know yet. I just had this idea about 10 minutes ago, so I've got to do some thinking. It will most likely be something I make. I've got to give that some thought. But when I decide, I'll let you know. I'll remind you each day in my post to enter.
In the meantime, I've got to start working on a pageant dress for Princess #2.
I hope you enjoy your day. Pray for those who are hurting. Love one another.


Will said...

I remember reading on here about counting fogs and it correlating to the number of snows. I read that we are to have a very wet and below average summer. Was the fog/snow ratio right in previous years? Who WAS the first person to make that connection anyway?

Twisted Fencepost said...

I've never heard the fog prediction before. I'll have to keep track of that come August. Remind me, cause I'll forget by then.

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