Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Friday Night Is Already Planned!!

Superhero and Princess#2 are spending the night with me Friday night. I'll pick them up after work and off to memaw's house we'll go. These two cousins are both 6 years old. Both in Kindergarden and play really well together.

I think I'm going to see if I can find some GO Fish cards. I think I can whip em. Hope they bring cash.

I always enjoy them being at my house. I know too well that in not too many years, they'll have outgrown me, and I won't hear the giggles of 6 year olds in my house anymore.

I've told you before that my goal in life right now(besides trying to be a good Christian)is for my grandchildren to have good memories of me. The oldest one is now 25, and he occasionally does a 'remember when we did _____ Grandma'. Of six grandchildren, he's the only one who calls me that. The rest all call me memaw.

I hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend. Pray for those who are hungry. Love one another.


Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Hope you have a wonderful and memory making weekend!!

Marge said...

Oh what fun you'll have! I love when my grandkids call me or text me. Just this evening I've been texting back and forth with my 24 year old granddaughter.

Have a wonderful time this weekend!

#1daughter said...

Can I bring you a 12 year old? I'll send Go Fish cards with him.

julia said...

I have 5 grands and another on the way. They all live very far from us. It's a 15 hour drive to where 4 of them live and an all day at the airport and on the flight to see the other and the one coming this summer. However, when we are together I try to make it very special. I try to give them all of my attention. I sew for them all the time and the oldest ones (4, 7, 9) already understand that I sew each stitch with loving thoughts of them!!! The two year old just wants a new dress as often as I can get them to her. The Little Man wouldn't take off his Christmas outfit.

anita said...

I just found your blog today and it brought back such great memories of my grandmomma. I have an eighteen old daughter now and even though I hope that it is a long time before I can be the grandmother that you are now I sure hope that I can create the memories that my grandmomma made for me and that you are making for your grandchildren. I loved when you told about the one that calls you "Grandma". These moments are so very special and can never be taken away even when she is. Thanks for writing this and you now have a fan forever.

Tipper said...

Looks like some pretty cute plans : )

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like you had a fun Friday night!
Did ya whip 'em? How much did you win? tee hee

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