Friday, January 09, 2009

Starting Off Right

Has your body ever rebeled, mutineed, revolted? As you can see by my picture, I an not a little girl. I have been overweight for many years. But like most folks who diet, I would lose weight, then ultimately gain back what I'd lost and more.

Then there was the stress thing. Each time I started a new job--20 lbs! Zapp, Zing, Zowee. It just magically appeared. Seldom did I manage to get any of that off. So here I am, 60 and shopping at Omar's Tent and Awning store for my clothes. I know you thought I would tell you how much I weighed--not going to happen, but let's just say I don't go to the ladies department, I go to the womens.

I've had lots of health care professionals tell me I'd be much better off if I'd lose some weight. I would always ask about my thyroid. I think dr's thought women saw the thyroid as a way to either blame for the weight, or as maybe a way to lose weight. Blood would be drawn and I would be told the numbers were within normal limits. But for years, I had no problems. My blood pressure was perfect, my cholesterol was perfect, and I saw no reason to make any life style changes when I was disgustingly healthy.

First time I was ever really sick was 6 years ago when I had to have major surgery. Got over that like gang busters, but as a result of the illness, would be on blood pressure meds the rest of my life. No amount of healthy living would change that. So I soldiered on.

After a 6 month ordeal with a sinus infection, I was sent to an ear nose and throat dr who as a matter of routine, checked my neck. He found, not one, but two tumors on my thyroid, one on each side. He wanted to jerk it out. I said no, and after seeing a specialist, we decided to wait and see if it had changed in 6 months. I go back in February to see if anything has changed.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes in a regular health screening. I ignored it for a while, but then decided I could no longer do that. After all, I'm a reasonably intelligent person, so why was I being so muleheaded about this. Even then, I only half-heartedly worked on it. I took a pill at night, checked my blood sugar occasionally and ate whatever, whenever, however I wanted to.

About 4 months ago, I began feeling like I had been pulled through a knot hole backwards. Nothing seemed to make me feel any better. I began checking my blood pressure thinking maybe my meds needed to be changed. It was higher on top than usual, but it still didn't seem to be enough to make me feel that lousy. But I called and made an appt to see the dr anyway.

In the meantime, I began checking my blood sugar, and pretty much found the culprit. It was running around 200 consistently.

My dr gave me a good going over, changed the diabetes meds and sent me home to work on it. We discussed all the levels I needed to look out for, but by this time it was Thanksgiving and then soon after Christmas. How could I possibly leave all that good food alone. It just wasn't going to happen. But the numbers on my monitor weren't changing for the better. I was staying below 200, but that was the new med, not what I was contributing to the effort.

Now I'm not much on making New Year's resolutions, but I made up my mind that it was time to change and I started not on 1/1, but on 12/29.

I write down every bite that goes into my mouth, and list the calories, carbs, protien, fat and sodium if I know it. If I cook it from scratch, I just make sure it fits inline with what I'm supposed to have. I know that carbs and sodium are my worst enemies of these 5 items, but calories must be watched also.

I check my blood sugar each morning, and I weigh each morning. Since 12/29th, I have gotten my blood sugar down to under 125,(yesterday it was 115), and I have lost abut 7 lbs. I can tell you all day long that weight loss is not my goal, but it just stands to reason that if I control the blood sugar and eat about a third of what I had been eating that I will lose weight. And I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you I didn't want to lose weight. No one in their right mind wants to be fat.

So as you can see, my body has and continues to rebel, mutiny, and revolt. So, I'm trying to respond to the call and do better. After all what better time to start than when you have just turned 60?

I hope you have a great Friday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Me Maw said...

Wow! I see a surgeon this week because I have "multiple bilateral thyroid nodules". Hopefully I too can get by without having my thyroid jerked out! With my history of cancer they want to be extra we'll see.

Best wishes on your new years plan!

Blessings & Peace

Lisa said...

Ok, I can't believe you don't know that I am suffering from the horrible tragedy of OU losing in the BCS National Championship to Florida. I am a major OU fan and the loss is just horrible in the simplest of ways. You know I am just being silly, it is nothing in the big picture of is just a game.

I am sick and tired of gaining weight too. At the age of 40 my health changed a lot. But instead of doing anything about it I just keep on eating. I am going to make myself do something about it this year for my knees are really starting to pay the price. I gained 20 pounds since I retired. So that is not good. We are all diabetic in my family on my mothers side so I have to get on this. Dr. has already said not if I get it but rather when. So I need to get on the weight thing and try to prolong it or prevent it if at all possible. but sitting infront of a computer all day does NOT help the issue huh?

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