Friday, January 16, 2009

My Great Bargain

I have been looking for new dishes for a while now. I look at dish sets and think I don't really need everything in the box, since I don't need the cups and saucers. I really only want plates, salad plates and what I call cereal bowls. To buy most any dishes by the piece is pretty expensive. So it seemed cheaper to buy a set than to buy by the piece. So I would look and not buy, and later look again and not buy.
I wanted something plain that I could use with anything. I'm really, really tired of the blue geese dishes that I've been using for years. How out of date are they?
The other day I was in TJMaxx looking for a collander, when on the mark down isle I spotted some plates I really liked and there were 8 of them and they were 3 dollars each. What a deal! They are Lennox, Butler's Pantry. The pattern is Fruitier I knew they had to be a discontinued pattern or they wouldn't have been on the clearance isle of TJMaxx. There were also 4 salad plates but they were also 3 dollars each and I thought that was a bit much since they weren't as big as the plates, so I didn't get them.
I knew they had to be good dishes because they are Lennox. So when I got home, I searched the internet and found that similar plates of the Butler's Pantry persuasion and similar in design and color were 25 dollars per plate. So I decided I'd gotten a good deal. That was when I decided to go back and get the salad plates if they were still there, and they were.
I looked at some of the websites with replacement pieces, and to get more salad plates, I'd have to pay 14 each and the bowls I would like to have are also 14 each. So for now, I'm totally satisfied with what I have, and can add other interesting bowls to my set. I kinda like having an ecclectic set. Actually, I'm pretty ecclectic about most everything anyway.
I'm all about good deals, and I have a friend at work who is the queen of good deals. She's always finding them, and I'm usually really jealous.
What good deal have you found lately? Was it something you've been looking for a long time, or just something you ran across and couldn't pass up.
Hope you are having a warm Friday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Flea said...

You did really well! Way to go!

Lisa said...

Now you can start checking ebay or garage sales. Or even Craigs list to find more of what you are wanting. You did good, real good. Maybe at other TJMaxes they would have some. I will see if I find that store and will look here in Tulsa!

The Cotton Wife said...

Those are so pretty!

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