Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm of 2009

It started raining and freezing yesterday afternoon about 4ish. We then had freezing rain and sleet all night.

I left home and came to my son's house. If the power goes out, I have no way to heat my house. He has a big fireplace that will heat most of the downstairs, so I camped out with Superhero last night. We slept in the floor(because he wanted to, not because it was necessary).

The trees have a heavy coat of ice with more to come today and tonight. We are expecting to be without power, possibly for several days.

I wish I could show some pictures of the back yard here. There are lots of skinny oak trees and several really tall pine trees that are covered with ice. They look as if they are draped in lace. We also have nice fat icicles hanging from the roof. We could hear trees snapping and popping during the night, but don't see any down this morning.

I'm concerned about my 4 small(4 year old) Redbud trees. I'm afraid they will all split and have to be cut down. They are so pretty in the spring, I'd hate to lose them, but I guess we'll cross that bridge if we have to. I'm thankful the 13 pine trees are gone. At least I don't have to worry about any mess they would make.

I hope you are staying warm and dry today.

Have a great Tuesday. Pray for our country. Love one another.

PS. Go visit Chickens In the Road and vote for her blog. She has the link in her post this morning.


Tipper said...

Sorry about the ice storm-and I hope it doesn't hurt your redbud trees. I am glad you can go to your sons and be safe and warm :)

The post before about the blog-I've had that happen to me (not her blog) and when I went back a few days later everything was o.k. So maybe it was just a mixup.

Flea said...

It's icy here TOO!!!! I LOVE it! Sorry you're not enjoying it as much. And as thick as it is, I think last year's storm culled the trees and eliminated the chance of so much damage and power trouble as we had. It's just beautiful.

Amy said...

You slept on the floor? Oh my... you are a brave grandma!!!!

Just one question for you - Can you walk today? LOL ((HUGS))... I ask that because after a night on the floor I wouldn't be able to move, let alone - WALK!!!

Stay warm!

Lisa said...

We just got home, safe and everything is fine. We did not get the ice like we did a year ago. I am hoping you did not get it just to awefully bad. Stay warm, stay safe and please be careful. I will be checking on you.

Tammy said...

Stay warm and safe. What a winter?

#1daughter said...

Ice storm is over. Somebody needs to update their blog.

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