Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Week

I always dislike Mondays. They remind me that the weekend's aren't long enough. I think we should have three day weekends. I should think that a 4 day workweek should be enough to get everything done, don't you?

That would also shorten the school week to 4 days too, which since I have no small children at home, would not be a problem.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent the night at my son's house. I babysat so my son and wonderful dil could celebrate her birthday. Superhero had gone home with his other grandmother so I only had the smallest princess and we had fun. She ate a good supper, and after we played, she let me rock her to sleep and then slept all night.

Saturday morning, I cooked breakfast and went home. I stopped to visit the other two princesses and played with them for a bit. I did very little else on Saturday except for buying a box of crackers for the chili we were to eat at the friends group on Sunday.

Went to church on Sunday, took a nap in the afternoon, and went back to church Sunday night. Afterwards, we had our chili supper. It was very good, and we had fun.

But alas!, it's back to the daily grind on Monday.

Hope you are having a productive Monday. Pray for our country. Love one another.

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Lisa said...

Isn't it amazing just how quickly the weekend flies by? It just is not fair. I have been retired for a year and a half and it does not seem possible. I fear I will wake up and have to go back to work. AND I DON'T WANT TO. I love my life right now. If only I could find a job for my husband. THAT is when the day seems long...when he is under foot all day long.=)

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