Friday, September 03, 2010

Plans for Saturday!!

This weekend is a three game series with Cincinati. So, about a month ago, I asked my brother and sister-in-law about attending a Cardinals game on Sep 4th. My SIL is a Red's fan, and I am a Cards fan. My poor brother isn't a fan of either, and doesn't follow baseball too closely. He's going along to do the driving, and the refereeing(is that a word?). My brother's wife has been my SIL for over 40 years and we've never had a cross word. That statement may not be true after Saturday. If you watch the Cards or the Reds, keep an eye out for a couple of women fighting up above home plate. My poor brother will be in the middle.

My daughter commented, 'What has Uncle Larry gotten himself into?' I told her he didn't get himself into anything, he was dragged in. Katherin and I made plans and told him what we were doing and don't think he was given a choice.

We'll leave about 9am and the game starts at 3:15pm. We'll stop somewhere along the way and have lunch, the game should be over about 6ish, unless they go into extra innings, and we should drag our tired selves in about midnight. But it will be a good day. We have fun when we are together. And truly, I'm not terribly concerned about any fights, unless our seats are surrounded by lots of Card fans, and her Red's shirt causes trouble. In that case, brother and I will be called on to protect her.

The weather should be nice, and it will be a wonderful day. Then on Monday, I'm going to make something for lunch and the kids will be around to eat, and maybe the bro and sil will be there too. Aren't three day weekends wonderful?

I hope you are having a good day and have planned a good weekend for yourself and your family. Pray for safe travel on the roads this weekend. Love one another.

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Marge said...

Oh my, that sounds like fun! You guys behave, now! But have fun.

Last night, for the first time ever, our Twins and our Vikings played at the same time! They used to share a stadium, so that's never happened before. Now that the Twins have a new home, the Vikings are so jealous!

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