Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Updated My Photo!

I have a friend who is having a birthday Friday. She along with the rest of the girls are going to the lake to celebrate. I have other plans for the weekend, so I'm not going along.

I did get a gift to send and decided that it needed something special, something personal, something she will treasure for many years to come----probably not!

When you get to be our ages, it's difficult to come up with anything cute and cheap. These are the main two criteria for any gift I give, well, the cheap part anyway. I got her a Tervis tumbler, and a notepad--no connection between the two--the tumbler holds a lot of liquid, doesn't leave any rings and doesn't sweat. The note pad is small and cute, about the size of a cell phone(I went to the middle and up at the top of one of the pages, left a note). But the part of the gift on which I absolutely outdid myself is the framed picture of ME. The gift is in a cute little bag, with lots of tissue paper. The frame is neatly wrapped in some of the same paper, and hopefully she will open it last.

My intent is that if I can't be there in person to look at, they can have my picture. I told one of the other girls to be sure and keep it sitting in a place of honor while they are there. If I can't be there to keep them laughing, then they will just have to laugh when they look at my goofy picture. And by the way, the picture I have added to my profile here is that picture.

I thought everyone could get a kick out of it.

I've been sewing every night this week, and am just about finished with the granddaughter's bedding. I'm not happy with the pillow shams. They are just too plain. I'd show them here and let all of you(being my best friends) help me decide what to do with them, but alas, the pictures are on my camera at HOME. I think I'm going to take some of the left over turquoise/teal fabric, make some bias tape with it, and stitch it around where the holding seam is on them now. They just need a splash of color to make them stand out. The binding on the quilts looks pretty good for an amateur. Their mother just needs to decide what color to paint their rooms and get that done. I have a couple of throw pillows that I'm going to put their initials on and applique some flip flops onto a segment that is the backing fabric so they will show up. If you want to see the quilts prior to being quilted, you can go here. I should have everything finished by the weekend and will definitely have some new pictures. What do you think about painting the bedroom a pretty white?

I hope you are staying cool. It's thundering outside here. Pray for much needed rain. Love one another.


Lisa said...

Wow you are sure busy with that sewing machine. And what a great idea on the party being absent yet still there....I think that is awesome and even kind of chuckled at it. You are such a nut and I bet a wonderful friend to so many. Keep the pedal to the metal (sewing machine pedal) and post some of those pictures soon as you can. Can't wait to see your projects.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I do like your picture!!!
You have been a busy person. I can't wait to see the finished bedding.
I sure hope you got your rain. We are still waiting.

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