Friday, June 18, 2010

The End of Another Week!!

Another week has now come to an end. It's been hotter than the hubs around here this week and we see no end in sight. Every day, we have small dots of afternoon showers, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to rain where I am. We are watering the garden every couple of days, and have picked some green beans.

They are really good too. I picked them the first time and shared them with my brother who has done all the work on the garden(wasn't that nice of me). He picked them yesterday and shared them with me. I broke mine last night and am giving them to my daughters. I'm hoping we have enough to can a few jars just to be able to say we've canned them.

My brother has decided that the squash and cucumbers have mixed. Not that hasn't hurt the squash except they aren't bearing like I think they should, but the straight dark skinned cucumbers are coming off long crooked and very pale in color. They taste fine, they just aren't what he thought he planted. I'm going to look for a kosher dill recipe and see if we can make some chunk pickles out of them. Should be interesting.

Princess #2 is spending the night tonight. Her older sister is playing in a ball tournament tomorrow and her mother didn't think she'd make it all day in the hot sun with nothing to do, so she's going to come help me sew. She likes to sit on a stool beside my sewing maching and hand me pins. I hope to get their quilts finished and their pillow shams done. The quilts need to be finished around the edges, so that shouldn't take too long. And we'll see how long it takes to make two shams. With her help, it may take a while.

We are having a fish fry next weekend for my sister-in-law's birthday, and I have volunteered to make the hush puppies(the ones my son makes are absolutely inedible) and I have a couple of new recipes. I'm going to try one out tomorrow just to see if they turn out ok. There may be about 20 of us, so I'll need quite a few. One of the recipes serves 20, or I may have to just double one of the others.

Otherwise, I'm just planning to stay in where it's cool. I hope the princess brings some good movies, since I'm sure we'll be watching them most of the day tomorrow.

I hope you have had a good week. Pray for those in distress. Love one another.


Sandra Henderson said...

SO glad I found your blog via The Cotton Wife! I just made pickles for the third time... Haven't had cukes in the last few years, so a real treat! No squash AGAIN. the plants look great, bloom, babies, then nothing! oh well. I'd love your recipe! Will be back to browse more later! XO

Twisted Fencepost said...

It's the same rains all around us, but not on us. Gets frustrating to say the least.
I haven't had anything out of the garden yet except green onions, but it's coming and I can't wait.

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