Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Thoughts And The Quilts!

I've been on my soap box this morning. What else is new about that, right?

There are some things that just 'bug' me. The obits in the local paper seem to hit a nerve often. In the last few years, the paper has begun charging for anything over a certain number of words, thus allowing family members to write the obit for their recently deceased loved one. Today a 95 year old lady is in the column. There are quite a number of nice things said, but the phrase that got me is, and I quote, 'She was admired for her spunk, her fire for life and her ABILITY TO ACCESSORIZE'. Accessorize????? Something tells me that just isn't right. I've ranted about the obituary process here before, but when is someone going to help people write these things.

I guess if you allow someone to list all their honors and medals for bravery(which I don't have a problem with), then they have to allow folks to list that their brother had a love of flower arranging and that great Aunt Mabel took a plane ride to Heaven, or that cousin Sam is playing drums in that great band in the sky. If you knew these people, you already knew all these wacky details, if not, then ignorance is bliss. I personally don't care that the 95 year old lady could accessorize. I found it nice that she was a member of a church and that she had taught school and Sunday school, but I just don't care if her jewelry matches her clothes, handbag and shoes.

I've decided that it is important that I write my own obituary. Here is what it should say. Memaw Bakes died (insert date). She has 3 children(insert names here) and 6 grandchildren(insert names here). There will be no visitation, no service. There will be a yard sale at her home(insert address here) next week. She hopes to be missed.

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. We are having a fish fry in her honor tonight, even though she made her own birthday cake. My son is frying up some catfish, and there'll be about 20 of us in attendance. I'm hoping this will be a great birthday for her since it's her first in Arkansas in a while. Her youngest son and his girlfriend has come home to help her celebrate. Then tomorrow, her sister and her parents will be at her house. Happy Birthday, sister-in-law
I'm getting close on the bedding for the girls.
The quilts are finished, but as I told you yesterday, I'm not happy with the pillow shams. I've attached a couple of pictures so you can see what is finished. I think you will agree the shams need a little something to make them stand out just a bit.

I hope you've had a wonderful week. Pray for more rain(this worked yesterday). Love one another.


AnnieO said...

I always read the obits and as a speller-for-a-living, always notice the errors. That comment on accessorizing seems like an attempt at a joke but is a pretty silly line for an obit!

Thanks for your comment on my blog today--You are listed as no-reply so I couldn't email you back. Our Bunco group has been playing 6 years and we have a lot of funny, funny ladies so we laugh and laugh. I love it!

Marge said...

The obits drive me crazy too! "so and so enjoyed knitting, going to casinos, eating spaghetti, and traveling with her dog, Lulu" or something equally bizarre! I am going to write my own, and it will say: was born, was baptized, was confirmed, was married, had kids, and died. So and so survives her. End.

And I love the quilts! Do you have some of the aqua left? You could put a band on the pillow shams. You might like them better that way, but they look fine the way they are!


Lena . . . said...

I LOVE your obit and Marge's. That's what mine will read also. And I DEFINITELY don't want an open casket so I think I'll be cremated. Folks who take pictures of their loved ones lying in a casket make me crazy. Ole's sister did this at their mother's funeral, handed them to me in a sealed envelope and it's never been opened. That happened in 1986. Why would we want to look at her dead in a casket and not remember her the way she really was. Uff da!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I could care less if there's an obituary in the paper for me. The one's who know me will already know and the one's who don't know me, don't care.
I love those quilts, they're so fun!
Glad to see you got your rain.

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