Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She's How Old?

First things first. I promised cotton pictures today. As you can see, it is beginning to change colors and the bolls are beginning to open. They sprayed a chemical that defoliates and opens the bolls about a week ago. The gins will soon begin to run, and in just a few weeks, the harvest will be complete. I noticed yesterday and last night several big trucks going past my house. This, I decided, is corn being hauled. Either they are emptying the bins for this years harvest or they are hauling it out as they cut it. Either way, that won’t take long either.

As of 9:00PM last night, my youngest daughter was the big 3 0. She took offense to the fact that I failed to mention it on my blog yesterday, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to talk about her this morning.

There are several years between she and her older siblings. She came home from school one day and asked if she was an accident. I told her she was the best accident I had ever had. I still feel that way today. She was a joy as a little girl and was almost never in trouble. In fact as I’ve been writing this, I really can’t remember her getting into trouble.

She did have a principal at school that also went to church with us, and he managed to call her to the office every day and measure the length of her shorts. It was only when she refused to go to the class he taught on Sunday morning that she finally told me. I had a chat with our minister, who decided it was time for him to teach the teenagers for a while.

Had I known about this when it began, I’d have measured him a time or two, but she wouldn’t let me make a fuss about it

She got herself up every day and got ready for school(and no, I wasn’t a lush who couldn’t do that). I bought her an alarm clock when she started to school. I worked 3rd shift and it was necessary for her to get up and around because I got home just in time to take her to school. By the time she started to school, her older sister was a senior in high school and her brother was in 10th grade. Being the responsible children they were and the fact that grandma lived next door, I put them to bed and went to work.

I never had to make her go to bed, she usually went around 8:30, and she always did her homework without having to be nagged about it and she graduated with honors.

She is now married and has the two princesses of which I speak often.

I love you Tara, and hope we can celebrate your 40th birthday together. BTW, in case your hubby didn’t tell you, we’ve decided to go out for your birthday Friday night. You get to choose the restaurant.

There’s also a picture of my house. Notice anything blooming? That’s because there isn’t anything. My son took my fertilizer away yesterday and told me to pick up some potting soil and some pansies to put into my pots. Sounds like a good idea to me.

There’s a line that says, ’Bloom where you are planted’ . Sometimes, I can do that, but sometimes I feel like I’ve poured the fertilizer on so much so that I’m burned beyond recognition-even to myself.

Are you blooming where you are planted? If not, are you courageous enough to re-plant yourself somewhere else? Not many of us are. We are pretty much afraid of the unknown. I know I am.

Have a blooming Wednesday. Attend Bible Study tonight. Love one another.


#1daughter said...
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#1daughter said...

If yo post pics of me on my birthday I'll haul your booty to Green Acres. It's the place to be! They're expecting yoooouuuuu!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

happy birthday what wonderful memories ... in answer to your questions you will have to go into my blog archives and read my story... but in short I moved 856 miles from my home at age 19 eventually I took root here and now after 21 years here my roots run very deep and my flowers bloom beautifully :D
HUGS Laura

Tara Smith said...

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
I had a stomach virus
and there was no cake for me.

Did that rhyme?

Lisa J said...

Oh what a sweet tribute to a beautiful lady, You did a good job with them kiddos. And look at what they have become..You are so very blessed.
Tara...Happy birthday, the big 3-0 huh? Well now you are a full fledged adult whom will never be taken serious by her sister huh?! Happy birthday!

#1daughter said...

She sang to herself? Oh my.

I haven't seen those little pictures in years. They drudge bad memories for me. Like the time you wore my bra to the bank and showed everyone. I thought I'd never be able to show my face in town again!

Christina said...

Oh, I love seeing these little pics of my "NOW you are 30" friend!!! She was a lovely little child just like she is now! *Ü*

p.s. I hope your breakfast turned out good tonight!

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