Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

Yesterday morning I turned on the heater in my vehicle for a few minutes. I needed to this morning, but didn't. I woke up to 50 degree weather outside, and at some point last night turned off the fan over my bed.

Fall is definitely in the air. I love the fall with all the bright colors. I love going up in the mountains where the foilage is so colorful. I've planted some mums and pansies in my pots, aren't you proud of me? I dumped all the soil out of the pots since it had so much fertilizer in it and started over. So far they are doing well. My son, took my fertilizer away from me. He treats me like I'm four, but then I guess I act that way some time.

I need to clear up something for daughter #2 about the rock in the picture with the zucchini bread. I have a collection of rocks-sorta. First let me clarify, it is my understanding that it is a rock when it's in its natural habitat. Once it is removed, it becomes a stone. I have a rock(stone) that my friend and I picked up in Savannah. Actually, we nudged it out of the street there and carried it around for a couple of hours before putting it into my suitcase and bringing it home.

Then I have the stone that was in the picture that I picked up on a business trip(sightseeing on top of a mountain). I have another friend who brought me a Petoskey stone from the Lake Michigan area. I have a stone I picked up on Skyline Drive in Virginia, and a couple of stones from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee.

My co-worker brought me a stone from Seattle, WA while visiting her neice, and my daughter-in-law brought me one from Yellowstone National Park on their trip to Wyoming. Some of these stones are relatively small. You can hold them in the palm of your hand, while others are a bit larger and even though you can hold them with one hand, they are bigger than the palm. The largest of my stones are those I got in Virginia and Tennessee.

It's strange how collections begin. This collection has evolved slowly and probably only became a collection of sorts in the last year or so. I also have a collection of crystal/glass bells. It has taken me years to collect them. I also consider my assortment of crystal/glass to be a collection. None of these are worth a great deal of money, but I like to look at them, and use them whenever I can. Most pieces have some sort of story that goes with them. Some just stuff I've picked up. But it's something I enjoy.

I think the thing I have collected the most of is friends. Sometimes I think I don't have but maybe one or two, but just mentioning how I acquired the stones showed that I have several friends. During an illness several years ago, I realized I had a lot of friends. This is my most treasured collection. You can hug a stone or a piece of glass, but both are cold and can't hug you back, but a friend--not only can you get a warm loving hug, but you can give one as well.

What do you collect? I would really like to know.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. Love one another.


Will said...

I collect cookbooks and Green Depression glass. Since I have young children, I'm spending the better part of each day driving into their heads the love I have for these in the hopes they won't be sold for bottom dollar prices at my estate sale...think it will work?

Sage said...

I collect too many things. Way too many! I collect depression glass and have green, amber, yellow, pink, and a pale amber so light that it's almost clear. I collect cups and saucers, but don't have a lot of those. I collect the hens on a nest, have more than forty of three different sizes. I collect anything old in dishes, glassware, plates. I have my great grandmother's china and have a few additional pieces that I've found at flea markets, etc.

I also have tons of books, piles of fabric, and lots of ceramic kitchen chickens. I collect too much. Guess I collect kids too, we have seven. And fifteen grands!

I, too, love fall. I love the crisp mornings, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the smell of the dying leaves and I walk through the woods, and the smell of a bowl of homemade soup when I come back inside!

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