Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

It's the first day of fall, and you can already tell a difference. We may still have some hot weather, but I think we are finished with the 99+ temps. The nights are getting cooler, and we had some rain this weekend.

I'm definitely ready for cooler weather. I don't like the intense heat of the South, and think I should have been born an eskimo.

Today I have a question. I don't express my political views on this blog or much of anywhere else. I really don't feel qualified to try to sway anyone to my way of thinking. I just pray for the best outcome for our country. But my question is this:

If you are old enough and registered to vote, are you going to exercise that right?

I've heard a few people make the statement that they either don't like or trust the candidates, or have genuine concerns about them, and since they can't seem to decide who would be best, they just aren't going to vote.

I hope you are having a happy Monday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Amy said...

I will definitely be exercising my right to vote. I may not be overly excited about the choices we have, but it is my priviledge and responsibility to vote for the persons I feel have the best interests of our country in their sights. I am a conservative voter and usually always stick to those party lines.

Lisa J said...

Having recently moved, I thought about not registering. But I have always voted, believe it is not only my right, but my reponsibility. I have no problem knowing who I am going to vote for. I am and always have been a conservative person. I am and always will be a patriotic person. I am and hope I always am a citizen of the greatest county in the world and am thankful for it. I just hope that God will continue to Bless America and be "allowed" to be a part of our great nation.

Will said...

I will for sure vote. Not so good at state and local election business, but I do vote in the "big" primaries.

I am confused about how the popular vote affects the Electoral college, and have tried to wrap my brain around it, but it makes no sense at all to me. If we vote for them, and it's a democracy in which the people speak, why is our vote not the vote...know what I mean.

I'm still going to vote and pay taxes.

Peggy said...

I will definitely be voting. I think anyone who does not vote doesn't really have a right to voice an opinion and I certainly want to be able to voice my opinion when I feel like it. LOL

Actually, I don't discuss politics much. But like any other subject, I want the freedom to express my opinion.

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