Monday, September 15, 2008

Back To The Grind

It's back to work today and about a ca-zillion emails that had to be addressed. A lot were junk. Some were funny, and a few of them actually pertained to work. Sometimes it takes at least a half a day just to wade through.

I had checked my email up through Wednesday, so the ca-zillion was a bit of a stretch, but from Wednesday to this morning, there were 96. That is almost a ca-zillion, right? Anyway, I have worked through them and am on to better things.

I got a lot of housework done last week, had fun with friends and acted like a zombie Friday. We went out for Daughter#2's birthday and ate Chinese. I brought Princess#2 home with me, and we pretty much crashed.

Saturday morning after I cooked her favorite 'eggies' as she calls them, we started watching cartoons. Around 9ish Superhero came to play with P#2. You know, it's actually easier to keep two than one? When I just had one, I was necessary. After Superhero came, they entertained each other and I returned to being a zombie. They only needed me when they were hungry, which was twice. The rest of the time they played and were very well behaved.

I had cleaned up the room where the toys are kept, and before they left, they were required to pick up everything they had gotten out and put it up--and they did.

After they left, I returned to my altered state until time to get ready for the Senior Appreciation Banquet at church. I don't consider myself to be a senior since I'm only 59--even though AARP does, but I had invited the lady I've been taking to church so we left about 5:00 for that. We had a wonderful meal prepared by the ladies, and served entirely by the jr high school kids. We wanted for nothing. They were sweet, polite and johnny on the spot.

The entertainment was a group of young adults who calls themselves Soul's Anchor'. They sang old songs and a couple of new ones. They were very good. Then the kids who had served, sang a couple of songs. We each had a favor to take home with us. My little lady really enjoyed herself and got to see some people she hadn't seen in a while.

As Ike made his way through our area during the night, several places were without electricity, and even though ours was on, we didn't know if there would be power at church. We got there right about 9, and the power came on as we approached the building. The early service went on without power. We have some windows that are long and narrow and are made of glass blocks that allow in light but not anything else. They moved everyone to one side and continued. We only have about 150 to 175 for first service, so they fit nicely along the wall.

We were very fortunate to have so few problems from Ike. He certainly made a mess of the Texas coast. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones, homes and property.

So what is your opinion of all these hurricanes? Do you think God is trying to give us a wake up call? I hear people say that. What is your opinion.

Hope you are having a great Monday. Love one another.


Lisa J said...

Sorry you had to go back to work, but it won't be long and you will be a stay at home slouch like me!! Sounds like you did have a nice time while on vacation though.
I don't think God is trying to tell us anything by the hurricanes. I think it is just part of the universe and the way it is. I think God is already pretty disappointed in his creations when you look at how our society is now. I am sure not something he is proud of. But I don't think he is punishing the world, He is a loving God. Today, tomorrow and always, God is good.

Me Maw said...

I know we here is South Mississippi are sick to death of hurricanes. We are still not fully put back together from Katrina.
It rains on the just and unjust!

I do think there is something way strange going on in the atmosphere though. It's been the coolest Sept. here in quite some time.

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