Monday, June 13, 2011

List is Growing Shorter!

I started these dresses last year. As I got them near completion, I realized they were too big for the girls. So I put them away to finish for this year. I finally finished them, and the girls wore them for the first time yesterday.

The other thing I finished was the squares made of orange and lime green satin. There were 6 15" squares of each color, and there were 12 12" squares made from the rest of both. That ended up being 36 squares. I cut them and serged them. They were delivered this morning. These will be used in a wedding reception. The wedding and reception are both tropical themed, and these squares will be used on the tables with either a fish bowl or an arrangement of some type on them. I wish the bride and groom a wonderful life.

I need to make one tablecloth for a friend who has a bbq wagon. Next is a dress for my youngest granddaughter that I smocked quite some time ago, and have the smocking finished, but need to sew it up.

Tomorrow, I plan to have some pictures of the garden. I can't call it mine, because my brother has done all the work, however, it is in my yard and I flip the switch to turn on the pump to water. I have the hard work to do, right???

I hope everyone is having a great Monday. Love one another.

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Beautiful dresses my Friend. You are so talented!

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