Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Garden is Growing!

The tomatoes are loaded. They just need to get ripe. There are 15 tomatoes of the good eating and canning varities. There are 3 Roma tomatoes. They are shaped like little pears. Someone told my sister-in-law they were especially good for salsa. The radishes to the left are huge and have gone to seed. To the left of them is the row of cucumbers. Pickles--YUM! You can(if you look close)see the three hills of pumpkins coming up. This is the second time he planted them.
The poor corn took quite a beating when the wind blew really hard yesterday. We had wind in excess of 50MPH.
Again the corn, but you can also see one of the sprinklers my brother built from pvc pipe and a sprinkler head. Fun to play in.
We've already had a 'mess' of green beans. Quite tasty.
The okra is growing. After all the rain, some had to be replanted. It will be so good when it starts bearing.
This is a conglomerate of things. There's squash(squishy squash as The Banty Hen says), bell, and hot peppers, sad cilantro(again due to the water)and a row of dill. My brother put 100 lbs of chicken litter on the garden a few days ago. I'm hoping it wasn't too much
This is the Banty Hen ready to go to school this morning. We planted some flower seeds last Tuesday. When we got up the next morning, she wanted to go out and see the pretty flowers. They are up now, and she can't wait to see them bloom. I also planted more cilantro, so maybe we'll be able to make salsa yet.

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Please be kind to everyone.

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