Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Very Boring Wednesday!

It's rainy, it's windy and it's blah. If it weren't for bible study tonight, this day would be a total drag.

I went to Abilities Unlimited today to see if I could score any good deals. I'd been looking at a dresser base that would be great to paint and fix up. I found one thats in really good shape, but last week all furniture was 1/2 price. This week it's only 20% off. I should have bought it last week, but couldn't decide, but I just don't see paying 32 dollars for something today that I could have bought for 25 last week. They had another one that I liked too, but it had two drawer runners that needed to be repaired, and they wanted 56 for it. Not hardly!!

But what's worse is that I may have to cut my son out of the will. He hurt my feelings and ticked me off today at lunch. I just had a question--about the dresser that needed the repair, but he wasn't interested in answering to my satisfaction, and basically told me to call back when he cared. Now, wasn't that terrible? I'm not used to being spoken to this way by any of my children, and especially him. Never mind the stress he's been under with his wife being gone for job training and he's trying to work and take care of two little ones, and his MIL is staying with them right now. Needless to say, he's not in a very good mood.

I'm sure I'll forgive him at some point, but it will probably be after turkey season. Maybe he'll be in a better mood then.

Hope you are having a better day than I am. Pray for the miners and their families. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

He'll put you on his list.

Marge said...

Oh, the sun is shining this afternoon, the sky is a beautiful blue and the clouds look 3/D! Just a beautiful afternoon!

And you are too funny. Cutting your son out of the will because he didn't care about a dresser! Sounds like all five of my sons to me!

Enjoy your Bible Study tonight. That always puts me in a better mood.

Blessings my friend.

Lena . . . said...

You gave me a good chuckle today. Thanks.

Julia said...

Ouch! I know that feeling of your child not being into whatever it is you are into at the moment. Never mind that he/she has a life of his/her own to live and worries of his/her own!!! I pray that tomorrow will be a better day!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your bad day. :( Silly son. Hope he gets over his mood soon.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Shame on him!
That'll come back to bite him, I'll bet.

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