Friday, April 02, 2010

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

This isn't going to be a tutorial. It's going to be a what not to dotorial.

I found the instructions and pictures of eggs dyed with silk ties. I thought it would be a great thing to do for Easter.
Then I spent some time thinking about the project. You use regular eggs, but if I went to the trouble of dying these eggs, I didn't want to crack them to get the egg out. So being the extra bright person I think I am, I decided to blow the egg out of the shells.
Here are the eggs after I blew the insides out.
I made a trip to Abilities Unlimited and bought 4 silk ties for 4 dollars. As you can see, they weren't all that pretty, but the instructions said pretty ties didn't usually make the prettiest eggs.
I took the ties apart, cut off the big end, and wrapped the eggs, right side of fabric against egg shell.
Next, I wrapped the white fabric just like the instructions said. I didn't have any twist ties, so I used straight pins(next time, if there is a next time), I'll use rubber bands if I don't have twist ties.

Then the fatal flaw in my plan reared it's ugly head. Those eggs floated rather than sunk. Didn't I know that anything containing air would float? You'd think so. Then I thought maybe water would fill the cavaties and they would sink. But they didn't. I put a plate on them, and it kept sliding to one side.

But I cooked them anyway,20 minutes. Took them out of the water at the appropriate time, and this morning, I unwrapped them. Here are the results. The process works, but next time(if there is a next time), I'll leave the egg in the shell. They all took color. The lightest one in the picture, is very lightly marbles. The others are ok too.

Looks like one of the princesses will be spending the night tonight. I have two paper eggs I bought at Hobby Lobby. I think we may decorate them tonight or tomorrow. I'll have to see what she wants to do.

I hope you are looking forward to a beautiful Easter. He is risen indeed. Love one another.


Marge said...

How interesting! I've never heard about the silk tie dyed eggs. And just think. I could get rid of hubby's old ties! I think I'll try this, but it will have to be after Easter. Too much to do today to have fun.

He is risen indeed! Easter blessings to you my friend.

Lisa said...

Well I have never heard of tie dyed eggs, but i must say,I think they looked really cool. I will learn from your....experiences... and leave the egg stuffing inside! ha haha
Happy Easter!

Amy said...

That is totally kewl...
What a great idea!!

Those are great - don't give up yet- try it again!

Twisted Fencepost said...

They look great. I would have never thought to try that.

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